14 Quick Blog Promotion Tips You Can Implement In Under 5 Minutes

Often people think that blog promotion is a time consuming activity. It doesn’t have to be! May be you are traveling, waiting in a queue or waiting for an appointment etc you can use that time to promote your blog.

The previous posts, I’ve written on this 5 minute series have well received by the readers, so I thought of continuing it.
Quick Blog Promotion Tips

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Here are a few blog promotion tips, that take about 5 minutes or less to implement.

1. Choose about 3 blog in your niche and leave a thoughtful comment. (Refer, How To Comment On LOTs Of Blogs FAST )

2. Get 25 backlinks to a previous post by submitting it to Social Monkee

3. Reply to your blog comments. Make sure you have a plugin installed so that that commenter is notified.

4. Use HootSuite or similar tool to schedule tweets and facebooks updates for next few days.

5. Add one of your popular posts to JustRetweet (Others will retweet your post)

6. Find a forum in your blogging niche and answer a few questions.

7. Any new social media platform profile you want to set up? e.g Pinterest

8. “Pimp” your social media profiles. Do you have a custom theme? A great Facebook timeline cover etc

9. Use buffer to tweet some of your old posts. You just need to add it to the queue.

10. Auto publish your blog post feed to Google plus.

11. Thank a few people who re-Tweeted your posts

12. Write short email templates (e.g Guest post request)

13. Send a short email to a blogger you’d like to get to know more.

14. Add your blog to blogging directories (e.g Technorati, Alltop)

Over to you! The next time you can squeeze in 5 minutes go implement one of these ideas.

Anything you can add to this list? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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35 Responses to “14 Quick Blog Promotion Tips You Can Implement In Under 5 Minutes”

  1. great points. your blog promotions tips are very interesting for me will apply.

    Thanks & Regards

  2. making use of the niche is the best and making a short email to the customer says that you are in touch and this is one good trick to get his attention. every point from you is worthy. thank you.
    mobilewix recently posted..BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 update started rolling outMy Profile

  3. Hi,

    All I have to say about this is W O W! I’m truly impressed at your in-depth writing ideas and experience. I didn’t know you had these sort of tricks up your sleeves.


  4. Very good tips on how to promote your blog post in a few minutes. I have heard of social monkee before but not used it. Perhaps I should use them. Thanks for these blog promotion tips.
    Shalu Sharma recently posted..Types of ghosts and haunted places in IndiaMy Profile

  5. Excellent blog promotion tips. These not only get your blog promoted and web traffic but also decent backlinks. Like the example networks to use to get the post promoted. Thanks.
    Eddie Gear recently posted..5 Proven Ways To Make Money Blogging In The Next 30 DaysMy Profile

  6. Love the tips Shamelle. I’ve tried around ten of these methods over the past few months. Blog comments and social networking seems to work the best for me. I still need to add my blog to the directories though.
    Ryan St. Onge recently posted..Best Budget Laptops Under 500 DollarsMy Profile

  7. I really liked your tips. But how is Social Monkee. Though it is a low budget service, I think using it post penguin may be questionable. Could you please elaborate on this?
    Manishak recently posted..5 Ways Of Ingrown Hair RemovalMy Profile

    • I use Social Monkee for my blogs. But what’s important is to vary the links. Different anchor text, keyword tags etc.
      Also, I don’t do this regularly on the same blog. Meaning I don’t publish every post to Social Monkee. So far this strategy has worked for me.

  8. Hey Shamelle, really insightful and thoughtful post – thank you. I appreciate people feel blog promotion can be time consuming but I’ve also read that you should spend 20% of your time writing the post and 80% promoting it!

    I find triberr.com to be particularly helpful with promoting my posts via twitter. Also ensuring you have share features on your blog so readers can instantly share the love.
    I’m not sure how I feel about auto sharing; there can be problems in Facebook, for instance, with automated updates not getting through to reader’s newsfeeds…

    I think the key to all these things is to create a schedule and strategy then stick to it – you’ll soon find you can work your way quickly through your blog promotion and gain new readers…
    Rae recently posted..How to increase blog trafficMy Profile

    • Hi Rae,
      A few months ago, I sent a request to join a tribe on a related blogging niche. I got a reply saying that I need at least 500 followers to join! (I blogged about that in a previous post too).
      Hopefully when I have a huge following will approach one of the tribes again and see.

      Thanks for the comment. Hope you drop by regularly :-)

  9. Definitely some awesome points Shamelle. Social bookmarking and backlink services like Social Monkee and SocialADR are free or very inexpensive services that can do wonders for your blog/website.
    Steve Noriega recently posted..Real Estate Marketing: Outsmart Your CompetitorsMy Profile

  10. Great tips.Blog promotion is mundane still you have to do it.The use of social media for blog promotion is also unavoidable.

  11. These are great tips. Can you tell me what your personal opinion is of social monkee? I want to try it, but I’m always skeptical of such sites that offer backlinks. Thanks!
    Andy Domonkos recently posted..For Those About to Write, I Salute YouMy Profile

  12. hmmm well written man nice tips i will try it thnks a lot for a good share :)
    javed recently posted..APPSC Group 1 Services Main Exam Merit List / Result 2013My Profile

  13. Hi, Great ways to promote our blog. I have not even heard some tools which you have listed. I will surely try out the tips and the tools which you have listed. Thanks for Sharing!
    Sai Kumar recently posted..What is CDN and What are the Benefits of Using CDN ?My Profile

  14. Speed is the key these days because you have a lot to do as a blogger, writing content and all you must make few templates of e-mail i do have them saved so it saves quite a lot of time..

  15. Impressive ! These are little but really effective tips. I have immediately signed up for Social Monkee and looking forward to see the results :-)
    Riz recently posted..Why it is a bad idea to save files on your computer desktopMy Profile

  16. Hi blog promotion is essential for all of us. Blog commenting regularly on a few blogs that you find informative has been a win win for me. As I get the information I need from the post get a backlink to my site and hopefully build a few relationships along the way.

    Thanks lee

  17. Great work. These are very effective and important tips to promote a blog. Comments on lots of blogs are really very important. Thanks for the post.
    Jennifer Hardy recently posted..Night Skin Face Cream Review: Must Read Before Ordering updated Fri Apr 5 2013 5:20 pm EDTMy Profile

  18. Good tips. I would have to stress what you said about Social Monkee. You need to be sure you diversify your link profile and after the recent Google updates, a lot of link building farms were highly penalized. So my recommendation would be to utilize such a service sparingly, as you mentioned and focus on more “white hat” methods like Blog commenting, guest posting and creating great content.
    Chris recently posted..Fiverr Rocks!My Profile

  19. This tips are really here to improve traffic, and I have to say I love them all, they are short and useful.

    But I have to say, Social Monkee isn’t that good for backlinks, I tried it and I only got nofollow links from it. I mostly comment on blogs that are in my niche with high PR and dofollow links.

  20. In today’s fast paced era, time is money and this post awares us of the best techniques to save time while promoting the product online
    Manish recently posted..Hike Messenger Free Download for Android, iPhone, Symbian & NokiaMy Profile

  21. Excellent points. These points are very necessary for blog promotion. Thanks for sharing
    Water Softer

  22. Trivial ways for promotion yet I have missed out on few of them. I will be doing some more work on promoting.
    Crazy Blogger recently posted..Learning PHP – Creating Output and code commentingMy Profile

  23. nice tips, i know justretweet after read this article. so, I try it and practice. thank
    bimtri recently posted..Bob hairstyles still hair trend 2014My Profile

  24. Hi,

    Well these are some of the simple but unknown or un-bothered steps which will bring us some traffic to our blogs by easy promotion.

    Thanks for sharing these information
    Shathyan Raja recently posted..SERP Moment footage of Google+ Search Engine OptimizationMy Profile

  25. yes there are some good tips here, i guess if you work hard and promote dailey you should see results. i make sure i link 5 times a day to my site it soon starts to add up and keeps the boring job of link building at bay.

  26. Awesome Writing about promoting blog.
    Is there any site or blog to get free guest post if know. share with us, thanks for sharing with us this post.
    Nice post!!
    Sagar Nandwani recently posted..Layton Brothers Mystery Room: Android Game Review and DownloadMy Profile

  27. Also if Possible converting the post into video marketing material, is also a good way to promote these post. These videos can be posted to YouTube with a back link to original posts.
    Sanjeev recently posted..How To Create Engaging Content For Your ReadersMy Profile

  28. Good Tips for a newbie blogger like me
    Naeem Malik recently posted..Get iOS 7 Camera Effect with CydiaMy Profile

  29. Hi Shamelle – It certainly depends on how large your conference or event is. We’ve seen clients do this quite successfully at internal meetings and sales kick-offs where the mobile device was also a present from the company.

  30. Some good tips and I already do quite a few of them.

    #3 – I always try my best to reply to comments personally on my blog whenever I can.

    #6 – I’m on a few forums that relate to what I am and what I do. Forums such as V7N are great for webmasters and web developers, as well as bloggers.

    #10 – Thanks to Blogspot integration with Google+ I get auto-post publication directly to my public feed which is totally awesome. I also post to various G+ communities as well.

    #11 – I try and say thanks to people that retweet and favorite my tweets, but can be hard sometimes as Twitter doesn’t like to cooperate with me sometimes.

    #13 – While I don’t e-mail other bloggers, I have met a lot on Google+. I do talk to a lot of them too in their posts or in private posts, as well as on hangouts.
    Daniel White recently posted..Using Google Webmaster Tools for Single Page IndexingMy Profile

  31. Wow! I want to say that these are the best Search engine etiquettes, if someone going to follow all the 14 rules, it would be the boost for there online visibility.
    Tejwinder Singh recently posted..Top 5 Most Aticipated Games For Xbox One So FarMy Profile

  32. Great summary of different things which we can actually practice quite easily.. I would say implementing the 14 rules above would definitely give your blog a boost to rank better on the search engines..
    Abhishek Gupta recently posted..TD Top 10 List of Antivirus Software (2014)My Profile

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