4 Practical Ways To Increase Blog Post Readability – Get Your Blog Post Read!

Some bloggers go for a quickie – the 300 words or less blog post! Do people read these ?
400-600 words is probably what’s most used.
Then there are a handful of bloggers who write a lengthy 1000++ word blog post. I recently came across a blog post which had more than 3000 words! (no, I did not read all those words!)

There is no universal standard for the length of a blog post. “Whatever it takes to get your point to the reader“, is the general norm and it often depends on the blog post author.

Irrespective of the length of the post what matters is how you get your information across to the reader. So whatever length the blog post may be, there is always a challenge in making sure your blog readers would read the entire blog post from start to finish, or at least most of the blog post!

The Objective of Increasing Post Readability

After you put in loads of work into the blog post, it’s every blogger’s goal to get the blog post read.

1. Retain the reader interest in you blog post throughout the entire blog post
2. Highlight the message that you want to get across to the reader
3. Get the readers to take a desired action after reading your post – What do you want them to do? Do you want them to subscribe to your email list? Do you want them to purchase a product? Share the blog post? etc

Getting your blog post read

How many other things are you doing right now, while reading this post? Are checking your twitter messages? May thinking about your next blog post? Checking email etc the list goes on. Most of us want to get more done in less time, and that’s true in the age of internet multitasking too.

So how do you increase blog post readability and keep the reader engaged in this era of multitasking?

1. Write read worthy content people will want to read!

If you write content for your cat and dog, then there really isn’t any use in going ahead with these tips. Even the best of tweaks to increase blog post readability will not work if you write content that no one wants to read about!

Try as much as possible to add value to the reader with your blog post. Try to be helpful as often as possible. If you are not sure what to write about, see what are the frequently asked questions in your blogging niche and try to address them with your experience.

When your readers know that you dish out content that’s helpful to them, you build a loyal audience; You come across as being relevant and useful.

2. Add images to your blog post

Text wrapped around an eye catching and inviting image really do wonders to increase readability. There is a natural tendency for the eye to hover around the image.
Studies have shown that readers are four times more likely to engage and comment on a blog post with an image, than a blog post which contains just text.

3. Structure and format your blog post

Formatting your blog post doesn’t take a lot of effort yet some bloggers are even too lazy to get it done. After you have written the post, look back and ask yourself, “Is this blog post formatted in such a way that I would actually read it?

While the basic steps are to separate your content into different paragraphs, you should also think about using heading HTML tags to structure the post. Additionally, you can highlight important points by making the text bold (See above), have bullet points, numbering etc

4. Use a blog design that highlight the blog post content area

I’ve seen that some blogs have a white background for the entire blog. When the blog design doesn’t highlight the blog post area, it might not be that appealing to the reader. Try to distinguish the blog post content and the rest of the blog by having a different background. The most common tend is to use a light grey background for the blog post which compliments the dark text.
Speaking of text, you have also got to make sure that your font size is readable.

    Now, for the action section today…

  1. Re-visit the draft post you are about to publish next
  2. See how you can modify it with the tweaks mentioned above.

What are the tricks you use to get your blog post read, in this highly multitasking, content skimming era?

Did you find this blog post readable? :-) Any suggestions on what I can do to improve the readability here? Would love to hear your feedback.

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8 Responses to “4 Practical Ways To Increase Blog Post Readability – Get Your Blog Post Read!”

  1. Hi Shamelle – This is my first time on your blog and I followed you here from your comment on Adrienne’s recent article.

    Nice article and I liked your picture. Great going.
    Praveen Rajarao recently posted..How to monitor your employee activities through Mobile Spy?My Profile

  2. Hi Shamelle,

    I’ve often had people ask me what’s the perfect length of a blog post and I’ve never been able to answer that.

    I write what I want to say and I’ve been fortunate that the majority of my posts, people have read all the way through. Probably that is with the kind of comments I receive.

    I agree with you though that the post should be worthy of reading. If it’s what people want to hear then they’ll read it. If not then they won’t.

    I have a hard time reading posts that are all words and not formatted correctly. They need to break sections up and I love images. So people definitely need to add images as well to those posts. It makes them more eye catching to me.

    Great information so thanks for bringing this up. Good to know that I think somewhat along the same lines.

    Adrienne recently posted..How To Build Relationships Through Blog CommentsMy Profile

  3. Hi Shamelle, great tips.
    I agree with you and Adrienne, that post should be worth of reading. And sometimes I read posts, which are even longer, than 3000 words :)

    BR, Chris
    Chris @ NPI recently posted..5 Best SEO Tools for Bloggers – They Will Help You Get More Traffic For Your BlogMy Profile

  4. The general rule of thumb should be to make sure you would read the article if you were a new reader. I’ve seen many 600 word articles divided into four paragraphs – they’re awful, but I often exit out before touching anything.

    If you wouldn’t even bother reading it, then your reader won’t either. It’s that simple.
    Joe Boyle recently posted..Generating Massive Traffic With SEOMy Profile

  5. Hi Shamelle,

    Great tips. I agree that writing a 300 word blog is almost useless. It takes more time to write a 500 word blog but it’s definitely more readable!
    IamRex recently posted..Is it time to hire a Social Media Specialist?My Profile

  6. I totally agree with you writing a 500 words is considered the best.But their are cases when we need to write a long post like in any tutorial.Anyways thanks for sharing this useful post.
    Ashish recently posted..5 Plugins To Increase your WordPress Security from Nothing to Everything.My Profile


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