5 Minute Blog Improvement Tips For The Overly Busy Blogger

Yesterday, I was having a Skype conversation with a fellow blogger who is also a “night blogger” (= species that have a full time job + blog when the rest of the world is asleep). We were talking about the demands of blogging.
About how each of us had zillion ideas on how to improve various aspects of our blogs but. where in the world do you find the time?

Blogging is a tough game to stay in the race, especially when you’ve got other commitments like a day job, family, and so on. Finding the time to write detailed, relevant blog posts, engage with readers and then to play the social media trumpet… amid all that chaos, is very time consuming; It’s stressful!. Bless you, if you have more than one blog!

Well, recently I got together with 3 other bloggers and tried out mini project – 5 minute Blog improvements for 21 days.
“There is nothing I can do in 5 minutes. Things I want to do take much longer than that!” I thought initially.

Others were enthusiastic about it and I thought that would at least be some improvement. So, I took a few positive pills and strangled the procrastinator in me. I wanted to make an effort to spend 5 minutes, each day, for 21 consecutive days on an area related to blogging.
Here’s what I spent my 5 minutes on.

5 Minute Blog Improvement Tips

Day 1: Write 8 things of 5 minutes to do, for the next 8 days!
Day 2: Run a site speed test (I wanted to check the page load time of the blog). I used
Day 3: Schedule 5 tweets on Twitter via TweetLater
Day 4: Get 300 free backlinks via socialmonkee (who wouldn’t want 300 backlinks with a 5 minute effort!)
Day 5: Outline a blog post
Day 6: Find an image for the blog post
Day 7: Proof read a draft blog post that can be published soon
Day 8: Leave 2, useful blog comments on related blogs (auto comment form filling made it possible to do this within 5 minutes)
Day 9: Comment on a blog forum on topic of interest to me
Day 10: Write 8 things of 5 minutes to do, for the next 8 days!
Day 11: Kiss a digital baby
Day 12: Properly tag and sort out my evernote blog post drafts
Day 13: Pick a reader who has left a comment on BetterBloggingWays, introduce myself and write a personalize email
Day 14: Plan blog post schedule for next week
Day 15: Find out my top keywords for this blog
Day 16: Take a wordpress blog backup!
Day 17: Submit this blog to 3 blog directories
Day 18: Outline a article for a squidoo article
Day 19: Tweet the blog sidebar header titles designs
Day 20: Write blogging goals for next month
Day 21: Reply to direct messages on twitter

There you go.. 21 ways you can put an extra five minutes to good use and improve your blog.

5 Minute Blog improvement tips: My observations

  • While these tasks may seem simple (and of necessity), they still make a difference towards a larger effort to improve your blog.
  • It’s amazing how much you can get done in a short space of time!
  1. Give yourself 5 minutes to do something for your blog, TODAY. Anything you’ve been planning to do for a while to improve your blog? Things that you never got around to doing?
  2. Take 5 minutes and Make a list of 5 minutes tasks that you will be able to do within the next week. Make it a point to go through the list when you have 5 minutes to spare. Develop this as a habit.

Your Turn
Tasks done in five minutes can really accumulate and make a difference in your overall goal to improve your blog. What quick, helpful tasks do you do?

I plan to publish regular posts with 5 minute blog improvement tips. Leave a comment and let me know what you’ve been trying out. If you have things that are not mentioned in this posts, I will include in my next post, with due credit to you (yes, you will receive a backlink to your blog, if you happen to be the first person to suggest it!).

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2 Responses to “5 Minute Blog Improvement Tips For The Overly Busy Blogger”

  1. whatever i red in this article everything is correct. in our daily life every minute is impotent. so we have to put more effort for our site improvement. thank you

  2. Thanks Sudha. Hope you managed to put this into practice and will see some benefits.

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