7 Twitter Retweet Tweaks To Encourage Others To Retweet You On Twitter

You publish a post and tweet it yourself. You know you’ve done a good job with the blog post. You expect a lot of retweets and it’s a surprise to you as to why no one is retweeting your tweet.
Sounds familiar?
You can’t force people to retweet but there are minor tweaks you can do to increase the chances of your tweet bing retweeted.

1. Retweet other people’s tweets YOU find useful

You can’t expect others to retweet your tweets, when you don’t retweet yourself!
There are advantages of retweeting, to the person who retweets too.

Let’s assume you are person John, and you retweeted a tweet from person Jane.

If what you retweeted is of value to your followers, you will create a good reputation with them.

  • It shows you are not just another spammer
  • It shows that you are not self centered, you help out others and share useful things
  • Most people, look at the tweet history before following someone. If most of your tweets are about “me me me”, the chances of someone wanting to follow you would be slim, Unless you are Justin Berber. When Justin Berber says goodnight, do you know how many people(girls ahem..) RT him? …. unbelievable!

Retweeting builds goodwill with the tweet originator

Provided you keep the @twitterID when retweeting, you will get noticed!
With reference to the above diagram, Jane Doe will know that John Doe retweeted her tweet. Jane might be thrilled and end up following John. Jane might retweet the tweet John retweeted with John ‘s @twitterID intact.

So @BetterBloggingW will be noticeable to all followers of @EnhanceLife and who knows, some of @EnhanceLife‘s followers might end up following @BetterBloggingW!

Hopefully by now, you are convinced that you need to tweet others. Why not start by retweeting this post 😉

2. Content is king even in Twitterville

Write tweets that are useful and interesting so that your twitter followers will want to retweet them to their twitter audience.
Try to avoid pointless ramblings and importantly don’t spam!

3. Keep your tweets shorter

A practice I use is, I try to keep the length to less than (15 + Number of characters of your twitter name )
Twitter message limit is 140 characters for a single tweet. When it’s retweet, the message will have a prefix .
For example, if someone tries to retweet one of my tweets, it will append “RT @BetterBloggingW”

So if I really… want others to retweet my tweet, I keep the tweet message to less than 120 characters.
There are times when even 120 characters are sufficient! when more than one person retweets, it requires more characters! So try as much as possible to keep the tweet short yet informative and reweetable.

Has this post been useful thus far? Would you consider sharing it with your twitter audience?

4. Say Thank You for ReTweeting

This will depends on the how many retweets you get. If you get 100s of retweets then it doesn’t seem practical to thank each one individually. However, if it’s manageable do some small thing which shows that you appreciate the retweet. Here are a few things I have noticed and practice myself.

1. Say thank you directly to one person

2. Retweet one of their tweets you found useful
3. Say thank you to more than twitter followers

5. “Retweet” your own tweet!

There is no harm in retweeting your own tweet. But be smart about it! Again.. don’t spam.
One of the classy ways of doing this is to retweet someone who has retweeted your tweet as I mentioned aboved.

6. Make sure the Retweet button is visible!

Do you see the twitter button on the left here? Ya, that’s very important. I have come across a few blog posts where I read the post and want to retweet it, but I can’t seem to find the retweet button! I wouldn’t spend more than a few seconds looking for it. A retweet opportunity missed!

7. Know the science of ReTweets

Dan Zarrella, an expert vial marketing science (who I admire a lot!) has done various experiments, collected data and shared useful metrics. Be aware of these insights and adjust your tweets/twitter strategy according. Here are a few highlights his presentation on the Science of Retweets.

  • Retweet Peak Hours – 3pm to 11pm
  • Retweet Peak Day – Friday is the best day (Sunday is the worst)
  • Retweetability is highest if you use bit.ly to shorten links
  • Ask and you shall receive – ask for retweets, say “PLEASE” so PLEASE Retweet 😉

I recommend that you run through the presentation below. It’s really worth the time!

    Before you leave this page, just take 10 minutes and to create some new tweets that you want to be retweeted.

  1. Create a short checklist based on the above information
  2. You are likely to forget what you read, so create a short checklist and re-use it every time you post a tweet that you want retweeted.

  3. Create a few tweets
  4. Verify those tweets against the checklist
  5. Schedule those tweets based on the best retweeting time and days.
  6. If you send me a message on twitter @BetterBloggingW, with the hash tag #bbwretweet I promise to retweet your tweet(Provided that it’s not spam or adult content!). So if all fails, you will at least have one retweet 😉

    I would like to hear the outcome. Did you notice an increase your retweet rate?

Over to you.. PLEASE Retweet 😉 this post.

Any other tips that you can recommend to get more retweets? What sort of tweets do you normally retweet?

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20 Responses to “7 Twitter Retweet Tweaks To Encourage Others To Retweet You On Twitter”

  1. This is a very informative post Shamelle and something everyone should read if they are very active on Twitter.

    Retweeting other people’s content is crucial to learning how to do Twitter right. In the beginning when I was first introduced to Twitter I admit being very confused about this entire process. But over time I finally “got it” and it’s been a great source of traffic for me ever since.

    I appreciate you mentioning my tweet in your post so I want to thank you for that. I’ll be sharing this one with my followers as well. That’s right, share the good stuff and they’ll love you for it.

    Have a great day!
    Adrienne recently posted..How To Set Up Social Media Icons In WordPress Using SocializeMy Profile

    • When I started using twitter a few years ago :-)… I wondering what the word RT was! I guess the twitter lingo and be a bit overwhelming initially.

      I know you take a lot of trouble to go through every tweet and thank everyone who tweeted someone related to your blog. This was my small way of saying thank you for all the retweets and exposure you’ve given me.Thanks Adrienne.

  2. fab tips and examples;) It’s so important to let people know you appreciate them!
    Annabel Candy, Successful Blogging recently posted..Who Else Wants to Write a Book?My Profile

  3. Yes, it is really very informative article. I generally retweet other’s tweet. And now i will apply your idea there. Thanks for this post.
    Prakash recently posted..Agneepath Movie ReviewMy Profile

  4. Hey Shamelle. These are wonderful tips for avid twitter users. Unfortunately, I am not one of them.

    Thanks for the share anyways
    Tushar@BloggersEthics recently posted..5 Ways to Make Your Blog Post Bad Than WorstMy Profile

    • Hey Tushar,
      Not so long ago, I wasn’t an active twitter user. Nor did I have a Facebook page for the blog!
      There’s a much more wider audience you can reach with social media. Pump up your visibility so your tribe knows what you’re up to and how you’re positioned.


  5. Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Any way I’ll be subscribing to your feed

  6. Great tips there, Shamelle

    50% of my tweets are RT’s which is also a good way to get like minded followers.



  7. Content is king everywhere, Its 100% true. No doubt about it.

  8. Great post Shamelle. I recently gave a presentation on Twitter and discovered that even ‘hardened’ Twitter users didn’t bother to re-tweet!

    I wrote a report which I’m giving away free about the power of Twitter. There are so many ways a person can really build credibility and relationship on Twitter and using the RT factor is one of those.

    Thanks for the post; it’s really informative with practical steps to boot.
    Sharon Fiberesima recently posted..Comment on I Want to Start Blogging; But Don’t Want to Pay for Web Hosting by SharonMy Profile

  9. An informative post, Shamelle. There are some great tips and examples.

    Going to retweet your post :).
    Dev recently posted..Giveaway: 123ContactForm Web Form/Survey Builder SubscriptionsMy Profile

  10. I havent retweeted any post, but I think retweeting will encourage others to retweet. Also its always good to say thanks to the people who retweeted your post.
    Mahendra Yadav recently posted..Top 10 Corruption Scams in IndiaMy Profile

  11. Hi Shamelle,
    Great article, Thanks.

    However,one thing is confusing me.

    I had someone retweet one of my tweets Hooray!
    When i tried to retweet the retweet, no retweet button was available. It was not possible to retweet the retweet.

    Any ideas about this?


    • The technical aspects of how to retweet a retweeted tweet :-) depends on the twitter application you are using. Not sure which application you used. So let me use the basic Twitter website and explain. Go to twitter.com/YOURUSERName and then look at who has been retweeting your tweets. Then find the tweet you want to retweet and just like the retweet below the tweet.
      Hope that helps.

      • Thanks Shamelle, I think i had retweeted already and forgotten i had done it!
        Which application do you recommend for using Twitter?

  12. Awesome post…I appreciate your communication skills in explaining the topic in such great detail…thanx again…
    Bijit Sharma recently posted..20 Safe and Interactive Social Networking Sites for ChildrenMy Profile


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