I’ve read many stories, where people start a blog to liberate from the cooperate lifestyle and escape the cubical nation. That’s not my story. I have an 8-5(+) career working full time for a giant software brand (hint: operating systems, search engine, documents.. ahem..), which I enjoy (unbelievable, I know!). I am trying to put my hard earned paper qualifications to good use, before my brain cells evaporate! [Sorry, can’t disclose the company name as I would then be bound to say that, “what I write here is of my own view and has no bearing on blah blah..” and numerous other legal implications, if any!]

My Back Door Story That Led To Front Door Blogging!

I entered the blogging world in 2004, as a means of promoting my Master’s thesis (will leave out the technical details here). At the time, blogging was an emerging platform and it seemed like a platform to get my ideas across globally. I had several other university students commenting on my blog posts and I gained a lot from their insight. Naturally, I was encouraged by the positive response. All the late nights seemed worth it!

After my MSc was finished, I gained an interest in personal development and read a lot of books on the topic. So, in 2006 I started Enhance Life, in an attempt to write a non-technical blog and share my personal gleanings. I concentrated mostly on personal development and occasionally I wrote posts about blogging. I was surprised to find out that the posts I wrote about blogging, were more popular and engaging that other posts!
So I was pondering on starting a blog about blogging for a really long time, but never took the plunge until now! I have another technical blog (AzureCloudPro) and a few niche blogs. I couldn’t imagine, working full time and managed several blogs at the same time.
Anyway, all the other blogs are now well established, and require little work from me so “now” seemed like a good time to start a blog about blogging and share my experience.

What I can offer you, dear reader

I don’t claim to be some superstar blogging guru earning thousands of dollars online. Along the last 7 + years, I have tried out many blogging experiments and learned a lot from other pro bloggers. I know what has worked for me. I am eager to finally write about it.
When there are zilli-millions of blogs about blogging, here’s the MAIN reason you should read BetterBloggingWays
There’s a 772 word post detailing how BetterBloggingWays is different from every other blog on blogging!
Now how many of zilli-millions blogs on blogging would do that? :-p

I’ll let you read and judge for yourself…
> How Better Blogging Ways is different from every other blog on blogging

Overall, I plan to share thoughtful, inspirational, actionable and immediately helpful blog posts, podcasts, videos… who knows what else!
Subscribe to the RSS feed, follow me on twitter, join the conversation on the Facebook page, Circle me on Google Plus and stay up to date on the goodies 😉

Note:Just reading, listening and watching, will not get you the progress you wish for your blog. You need to take action and actually DO what it takes. So, at the end of each post, podcast or video I want you to make an effort and take action. Or at least walk away with a plan to do what’s needed on another day.

Looks like I’ve written way too much here. Thank you for spending your valuable time and getting to know about me/blog.

Over to you.. Tell Me About You

I would love to hear from you. Contact me and share your feedback, ideas on blogging or just plain gibberish!

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