Affiliate Marketing Basics: 3 Ingredients You Need To Jump Start Your Internet Marketing Journey

About 7 years ago, Joel (one of my friend’s), invited me & few other friends to celebrate a major milestone in his life. Joel was beaming; he said he made $1515 extra cash that month. I didn’t believe him. I don’t think others did either. We thought Joel was either bluffing or perhaps may be doing something illegal! After all, just like me, Joel was core programming geek, who had a 9-5 job. Despite our disbelief we tagged along, because he was giving us a treat!

Affiliate Marketing Basics

Affiliate Marketing

Dinner followed by heavenly beverages…, everyone was determined to squeeze the truth out of him. But Joel kept insisting, “I got $1515 by selling some products online”. Then he went on to say about affiliate marketing and how he sold his product, which led to another & another ….

7 years ago, I had no idea what internet marketing was; Back then, there was no facebook, twitter or social media. It was affiliate marketing that made the buzz.

I still remember Joel’s simplified definition.
“Affiliate marketing is a way to earn commission on sales that you help generate. You are like a virtual salesperson. There are few things you will need. One is the product to sell, a place to advertise the product and then get visitor eyeballs on that advertisement. ”

After all these years, it still remains true.
These words inspired me to get into affiliate marketing.

Let’s look at these 3 ingredients in detail.

1 . A product or service, a great number of people might need or want.

Your first step is to do some research in your chosen field and find out what products people are buying.
For those who are just starting out, I would advice for you to choose a niche that is related to what you are good at or interested in.

For example, if you are a dental assistant, a good niche market may be people who want to prevent tooth decay in children. Majority of people who dip their hands into online marketing choose a topic that is popular or generic like weight loss or alternative medicine. There is really nothing wrong with this, but since such niches are quite popular, you will surely have a lot of competitors. Thus, it is much better to choose a market segment that is not popular.

2 . A place to display or promote that product

Television shows have those irritating ads at regular intervals,
Billboards showcase eye-popping attractive women (ok and men!) at every turn…

These ads remind people of certain products, highlighting advantages and promoting their brand.
Internet marketing is not that different except it happens in the internet land. In the online neighborhood, we use blogs, websites, forums, email, paid advertisements, facebook, twitter and what not etc to promote products.

3 . A source of targeted visitors

Getting visitors to your site isn’t sufficient. Each visitor needs to take some action, such as buy a product, click a link that leads to a pre-sales page, register for a product etc. Only then, will you get the commission from the product.

The equation is simple, product in demand + traffic => sales and profits.

Start with the first ingredient-Find a product you can sell! Get started now!

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