Commenting For Backlinks? 5 Things To Consider Before Wasting Your Time

By now it’s been drilled into every bloggers head that backlinks are important. We all know that backlinks play a huge part in positioning your blog/post post within search engines. Many bloggers consider commenting on other blog posts, as a technique for building backlinks.

Commenting For Backlinks Often, when bloggers hear that they can get free backlinks from commenting, all the time and effort is put into leaving comments endlessly. Don’t they know that commenting for backlinks alone, won’t guarantee a sweet spot on Google’s first page?

I recently read a blog post which described how one blogger went on to leave 100 comments on 100 blogs. I can’t begin to imagine how exhausting that might have been. After all, in order to leave a meaningful comment, you need to actually read the blog post as well!

I don’t frown upon such endeavor. By all means, if you have time go ahead. Here are some useful things to consider.

1. Plan Your Blog Commenting Strategy

Just because you heard “commenting is free backlinks”, don’t waste your valuable time commenting endlessly on every blog you find. The key to commenting for backlinks is to comment smart and effectively.
How many blog will you comment on? Which blogs will you comment on? How much time can you invest in commenting?
Come up with a plan or schedule, on how you would go about commenting.

2. “I comment for backlinks only” Erase this mindset

There are several side benefits commenting on other blogs. While backlinks are one of them it’s not the only one. So try to get the multiple benefits that comes along with comments.

People get used to seeing the profile of you and your blog.
You make yourself known among other bloggers and blog readers.
Others that read this blog post, will see your comment, they will head over to your blog. You gain new readers and drive traffic to your blog.
The blog owner might come over to your blog and comment on your blog!

All this will happen only if you leave a good impression with comments. Which brings to my next point

3. “Content is king” for comments too!

“Nice post!” comments will brand you as a spammer and it will do more harm than good. So you need to spend time to read the post, understand it and add to that conversation. You need to write interesting, good quality, knowledgeable comments that will share your opinion add value to the blog post.

4. Find the “right” blogs to comment on, to increase ROI

Here are a few attributes that you should look for

  • Blogs in your niche, which allow do-follow links
  • Blogs in your niche, which use CommentLuv
  • Blogs in your niche, that permit keywords in the “name” (e.g. KeywordLuv)
  • The page rank of the blog
  • The size of the blog where you will be engaging in the conversation
  • Blogs with great content and possibly active comment discussions
  1. Find 20 blogs in your niche that has the above attributes
  2. Develop your Blog Commenting Strategy for those 20 blogs

5. Commenting For Backlinks, know the ROI

Commenting is hard work and it will take a lot of time and effort on your part.
for example,
You spend 5 minutes reading a blog post, 2 minutes writing a comment.
Total time investment per blog = 7 minutes
You comment on 5 blogs per day
Total time investment per blog, per day = 35 minutes

While you might just get 5 backlinks (provided it’s do follow Google juice) , how many people will click your link and land on your blog?

35 minutes, spent on commenting for backlinks, would you rather spend that time, writing a blog post that will get more than just 5 backlinks and more new subscribers ?

Final Words..

Having said all that, I don’t mean to discourage you from leaving comments on blogs.
Sometimes, you run into blog posts where you just feel like commenting “just because”.
Perhaps it wasn’t part of your commenting regime for backlinks. You just read a really interesting post and you feel compelled to leave a comment and share your 2 cents. You don’t care for ROI, backlinks or traffic.
Hope this post falls into that nature 😉

I’m curious to know, how long does it take you to read a post and leave a comment? Have you noticed any huge benefits in comment for backlinks?

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59 Responses to “Commenting For Backlinks? 5 Things To Consider Before Wasting Your Time”

  1. Interesting – I’ve gotten great backlinks from places I never expected, from blogs I commented on not looking for anything in return!

    On a similar note, I have noticed in the last week or two that several “A-List” bloggers have eliminated “trackbacks” from their posts. Is the trackback now dead? What do you think about that, Shamelle?

    • Thanks for commenting Dave.

      Yes, a side benefit of commenting is that get more exposure to your blog/brand. So basically you leave an invitation to all, and upon arriving at your blog they find really good quality content. Naturally, they won’t hesitate to link to it.

      As for trackbacks, I haven’t used it that much myself. I think some A list bloggers consider it as an avenue for spammers.

      Effort wise trackbacks take little time than commenting! :-)

  2. Shamalle, according to your post, I have already wasted too much time. I blog on just about any blog that looks presentable with a topic that interests me.

    You are absolutely right about commenting on niche blogs for good ROI, but it has never been my focus. I believe commenting on blogs – whether niche or not will be an overall plus for my blog.

    As per your benefits list, “People get used to seeing the profile of you and your blog.
    You make yourself known among other bloggers and blog readers.
    Others that read this blog post, will see your comment, they will head over to your blog. You gain new readers and drive traffic to your blog.
    The blog owner might come over to your blog and comment on your blog!” they are the reason I do not mind commenting on any great blog, regardless of its niche. There is no chance of losing, only gaining.

    • Genie, this post was not intended to discourage anyone from commenting in different niches. Or commenting at all for that matter.
      It’s mainly catered towards folks who use commenting as a marketing strategy. For example, I read a few days ago about a blogger who set a goal for himself to comment on 100 blogs in one day! This was purely with the purpose of getting backlinks. That post actually, inspired me to write this one.

  3. Everyone wants to know how to build backlinks free. I get asked this question a lot and I also see a lot of comments and forum threads on this same subject. But I think that the real question is actually “How can I build backlinks without paying for some expensive software?”

    • Yes, commenting can be considered a free way to build backlinks. However, I do know that some people, tend to outsource commenting on blogs because it can be a fairly tedious task if you are looking to get about 100 links a day!

  4. Hey Shamelle, my commenting philosophy is vary Simple… Only comment on content you like or find valuably!

    I find that its far to much hard work to comment on post that I find uninteresting it adds no values to anyone.

    If the topic or post is uninteresting, it is far to hard for the brain to generate something useful to say and you leave the blog feeling unrewarded, Thats my take on commenting. This post has been rewarding, I’ve learnt something

    Thanks Shamelle

  5. Shamelle, Thanks for the advice. I’m fairly new to blogging and have been impressed by the generosity of bloggers with their information (like yours). I’d have thought we comment to encourage the blogger, to let them know we appreciate what they have to say, and to join the conversation. Rather than having an ulterior motive. Surely if we’re genuine about blogging great content on our own site, it will all come together over time. And as you say, who has the time – I don’t but I definitely have time to read an article that is genuinely helping me!
    Janet Poole recently posted..Why Acquiring Knowledge Gives You Confidence and a Happier LifeMy Profile

  6. Interesting points. Personally, blog commenting is my favourite strategy for link building. Main reason being: compared to other strategies (publishing articles in article directories, web 2.0 sites, etc.) I find it to be much more 1) fun and 2)effective.

    Fun because I love reading about viewpoints of others, offering arguments or just sharing my opinion.

    Effective because it’s one of the few easy free tricks that can help you get backlinks on aged, indexed and well-reputed pages on well-reputed websites.
    Jack recently posted..Snoring Mouthpiece Reviews & The Best Stop Snoring MouthpieceMy Profile

  7. I agree that the backlinks are helpful but I still love the back and forth and leaning in the process. Good stuff!

  8. It is very necessary to ascertain a do-follow or no-follow blogs before you make your comment. Though i as a person do not bother about this. I comment in all blogs that i found their content to valuable.

    Keep posting and keep adding value
    bloggingtips recently posted..Benefits of Using Blogger.Com As a Hosting SolutionMy Profile

  9. Do you mind if I quote a couple of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your weblog? My blog site is in the exact same niche as yours and my users would certainly benefit from some of the information you present here. Please let me know if this okay with you. Regards!

  10. We bought Commentluv and we try to do good blog comments but after reading this… Do you believe that its worthless to do this task?
    Barbio recently posted..Consultor de InformáticaMy Profile

  11. Do you think that commenting on blogs really matters? I’ve placed comments on blogs to interact with other like minded bloggers, but when I do a backlinks search the results don’t include links from blogs. I thought those links were included, but perhaps they are not. Any ideas??

  12. Mostly you will find the Comments that are only left on your Post to gain a Backlink. When we write a post, we want good comments related to the post, but mostly we get comments from the people who are only commenting for a backlink.
    Mahendra Yadav recently posted..Top 10 Corruption Scams in IndiaMy Profile

  13. Shamelle, this is a great post that explains very well an important topic. I’m asked pretty often why we don’t build more backlinks by leaving comments on any blog. You explained blog commenting very clearly. Next time I’m asked, I’ll send them to your post. Much easier then explaining it over and over 😉

  14. I’ve found with many websites are now using disqus or facebook comment system, you can no longer comment for the sake of backlinks, the only thing that works now is engage, engage and engage.
    Dian recently posted..How To Pick The Right Diet For YouMy Profile

  15. But if you can get backlinks just by posting comments which dont take much time then why would you consider guest posting for backlinks?
    Arslanh recently posted..Turn 2 Hangup Lets You Reject Calls By Just Flipping Your iPhoneMy Profile

  16. i think everyone want to know how to build backlink free.. thank for the information

  17. Yes, Very truly said. Commenting on niche blogs will give more quality backlinks as compared to general niche blog. commenting on the blog posts of your own niche will be easy as you are already expert in that niche and if you share your experience or knowledge by comment on other blog post, blog owner will definitely love to improve your comment.
    Deepak @ Silver Updates recently posted..Silver Updates and Intraday Tips, 18 Sept 2012My Profile

  18. Someone mentioned in an earlier comment about commenting on just any blog they found for backlinks. If you are genuinely interested in the topic or niche of the blog that you are commenting on you will benefit in more ways than you think.
    Steve Noriega recently posted..Real Estate Marketing: Outsmart Your CompetitorsMy Profile

  19. I realize this article is over a year old, but I found it at the top of my Google search! Great advice, and I agree with this point — read the post you’re commenting on, so you can leave a valuable (not spammy) comment.

    If you’re still reading this thread, I wonder what your thoughts are on leaving comments on some of the really big sites, CNN, NYT, MSN, etc. and leaving a link to your site at the end of your comment.
    Mike @ Personal Finance Beat recently posted..Saturday Blog RoundupMy Profile

  20. If you have something to say then you would have no problem in adding a good comment relating to the article.
    Also wha can be added,dont buy comment backlinks or use a comment bot.You can be sandboxed.
    Alex@ Seriale Online recently posted..The Borgias Sezonul 2 Episodul 4My Profile

  21. I don’t think Google counts blog commenting as backlinks because I’m doing it for a month maybe 7-8 comments per day and webmaster tools still say that I have 0 backlinks. :/

  22. its take me 5 min to read the post like you said thank you for the info its realy help me
    Bonney Lake Locksmith recently posted..Bonney Lake LocksmithMy Profile

  23. Should you include your website URL in comment box?

  24. Thank you for this excellent post. I really appreciate your candid discussion of empirically measuring the time spent in commenting. In addition to the 5 minutes to read a post and 2 minutes to post a comment, I would also add that for me there is also time invested in searching to find “the right post / blog” to comment on. As you stated so well, commenting in your niche is very important as is leaving comments that contribute to the discussion. To do this, bloggers must commit time to finding the right post(s) which involves reading through many posts some which you will comment on and some that you will not.

  25. Thanks for this valauable information. I will follow this advice.

  26. This is a great read. I see many people just commenting for backlinks and not taking the time to find the right articles, and then not taking the time to write a worth while comment for the page owner to consider having on their blog.

    A friend and I have recently started a new website,, to help Mom Bloggers more exposure for their blogs. It was quickly pointed out that it’s also a free backlink to their posts.

    You’re right. Backlinking can be worth while if done right, but it can be a big waste of time if it’s not done right.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the issue!
    Angie recently posted..Is It Allergy Season Already?My Profile

  27. it seems to be everybody know backlink…
    ataur recently posted..Separating heads from bodiesMy Profile

  28. hello there
    You like one thing most you said here is commenting on each and every blog just for backlinks is not a good strategy.One must read the content first and it is more effective you have backlinks in quality sites .Quality of backlinks matters more than the quantity of it.Thanks for nice sharing.

  29. Backlinks to your site from websites or blogs somewhat related to your niche are really valuable.
    Thanks for the info.
    Chuck recently posted..My Favorite Pet Shop – $10 Off on orders of $50My Profile

  30. Commenting for back links is one of the easiest / most productive method any new starter can do. It gives them a understanding of what is a good link and what is not, as within a few weeks when they check their site stats they will which back links are generating the most link love. perform this serveral times and they will soon start to expand their knowledge
    Phil Morris recently posted..WMI : Event 10 – Error 0×80041003.My Profile

  31. I totally understand, sometimes its hard to create backlinks to my site -_-!

  32. I have been commenting not necessarily to get a backlink but because I genuinely like the post. It doesn’t matter for me whether it is a nofollow blog as having comments on nofollow websites indicates that you are not spamming or that you are commenting solely to get backlinks. It’s part of a healthy commenting attitude on the web. Great insights here. Thanks a lot!
    Sonny recently posted..30 Useful Photoshop Cloud BrushesMy Profile

  33. Very interesting article. IMO it should be a combination of quality and quantity. One should definately have a gameplan though when it comes to backlinking.

  34. I really enjoyed your post. It can be tough to get quality backlinks especially if you work in a very specific niche market. (Our corporate blog deals with ice machines. Most of those in the same area are competitors, so good content becomes even MORE important, as do backlinks from customers and friends.
    Al recently posted..Buying an Ice Machine for Your Snack BarMy Profile

  35. Thank you so much for this wonderful post! I’ve been trying to work harder on my SEO. It’s definitely a lot of work, but I’m so thankful that I can find such useful information like this on the web. I honestly don’t know what I would be doing without these informative blogs!

    And I like what Mustafa said… “quality and quantity”

    I guess I better get to work now! 😉
    Sasha recently posted..Camo PrintsMy Profile

  36. Hi Shamelle,

    Just ran across this article and wanted you to know it was on page one for my search query. I notice you haven’t blogged in awhile and I do hope you get back into it soon. Very valuable info. I’m a new fan :)

  37. All great advice. Backlinks should be only one of many benefits of commenting on other people’s blogs. It would be better to think of blog comments as another component of being “social” online and building relationships that may result in much higher traffic than a simple “no follow” backlink.
    Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney – Steven M. Sweat recently posted..Top Five Reasons to Hire An Attorney After A Car AccidentMy Profile

  38. I see commenting more as a way to get to know others in the blogging community. I also avoid commenting unless I feel like I have something to say. Which means a lot of my time spent “blog commenting” is spent reading, nodding, and “lurking.” Even great posts don’t always inspire me to comment because there’s nothing I can add to them!
    Carmen Rane Hudson recently posted..How to Develop Content Customers Care AboutMy Profile

  39. I agree with pretty much everything you said, especially in analyzing your ROI.. too many people spend hours backlinking on crappy sites expecting amazing results.


  40. Hi, shemelli
    Everyday i used to browse for a good article regarding the getting of backlinks. Today unexpectingly i landed in this blog. Good information

  41. just read your article and find it to be informational, which i like. i am trying to rank on the search engines but i want to do it naturally by reading and gaining lot of knowledge from sites like yours. i had a feeling that no matter how many blogs you comment on does not mean you will build successful backlinks,but you will need quality comments and the right sites. thanks for the info

  42. Wow, Great Info! Not that many people does not know the best way to build links. I think both are good in a way that google sees it as natural link building. Commenting in a smarter way is the best way for SEO even tho it does take time.

    Thank you!
    Beats For Sale recently posted..LL Cool J On Accidental Racist And AuthenticityMy Profile

  43. I’m a little confused with the entire blog commenting scheme. It seems like if everyone can do it – why is it so helpful?

    What other methods to people use to rank for keywords?


  44. Thanks for your article. I have just created my website 3 days ago and was looking for something like this. Thanks for your hellp :) Here goes my first blog comment ever 😀
    Raza Rizvi recently posted..Top 10 Tallest BuildingsMy Profile

  45. Very good article! Great information. What I like the most is that you talked about time management. To be honest when I started learning about blogging, and the internet marketing space. I would spend a lot of time. So once again thank you for reminding me of time management. One can be very productive if they are efficient with their time, along with consistency.
    Karl E Bennett Jr recently posted..Businesses You Can Run From HomeMy Profile

  46. Finding blogs to comment to get 100 backlinks a day is really tedious and crazy. The best part is we are not sure that the blogs that we commented are the high PR sites. Therefore , i agree with your suggestion to schedule your commenting process where you can comment and get at least 10 backlinks a day but must make sure that those are from high PR rank side.


  47. Wonderful blog & good post.Its really helpful for me, awaiting for more new post. Keep Blogging!
    properties in birmingham

  48. I think focus should be more on building up an effective network rather than commenting on random blogs.

    If you’re doing it for backlinks only there may be better strategies. However adding valueable content which others might find helpful or might want to discuss with you will be worth much more than just a simple backlink. So yeah, I totally agree with you! :)

    KR Lenny

  49. Good point…!!! I think it’s caused by a lot of people still in newbie understanding level regarding SEO…

    But, it’s better not put as “generalize” thing, because sometimes people also commenting because they interest about the post, don’t you think?

    BTW, Thanks for useful tips..

    Armetra recently posted..Comment on The Reality of Living Overseas – Part 1 by The Reality for Living Overseas, Moving Abroad | Uda ArmetraMy Profile

  50. Hi Shamelle,

    I like your post very much! You are totally right telling “I comment for backlinks only”. Every comment should provide value to the blog post because it’s like the commenter pays value for the backlink. And yes, a blog comment is a great natural backlink. Thanks for sharing this post!
    Balazs Hende recently posted..Why You Should Comment On Other BlogsMy Profile

  51. Should i comment here 😉

  52. I do like backlinks when I comment to the blogs. However I will comment whatever I like when I enjoy reading. I don’t like to SPAM with other blogs cuz seems not good.

    In the main time we can comment any blog that we enjoy and not about spamming other blogs.

    Thanks for your post Shamelle

  53. Hey Shamelle,
    bloggers like u are always inspiration for newbie bloggers like me.i want know whether i use disqus or commentluv for my blog for better google seo waiting 4 ur reply


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