How To Know You’re Ready To Start A Blog

I’ve started a lot of failed blogs in my time.

You see, I frustrate very easily. I’ve also never really managed my need for instant gratification. Working without any promise of reward is kind of tough for me, especially when there are plenty of projects on my plate that do guarantee payment.

I’ve also chased niches that I wasn’t passionate about because I thought, “I can write about that and it looks like something that will make money.” Later, I discovered that I hated those niches, and I didn’t necessarily want to be known for those areas of expertise.
Trying to get to know the communities in those niches wasn’t much fun either. I didn’t like reading those blogs and I didn’t feel like I had anything to contribute to the conversation.

Starting-a-blogSo I know a thing or two about not being ready to start a blog.
And since there are so many other failed blogs out there, I know I’m not alone. Fortunately, my mentor Travis Van Slooten gave me an opportunity I’d never had before. As a freelance writer I’d done lots of one-off projects, but Travis gave me the chance to work on some blogs full-time, week after week, in a way that would let me see results.

This experience gave me the opportunity to learn what it takes to start a really successful blog. It’s sort of a “are you really ready to do this” and “is this the right opportunity” checklist that anyone can use to decide whether or not they’ve hit on the right idea.

Are you willing to put in six months of focused effort before seeing any results?

It will take at least six months of posting twice a week to start seeing your traffic make it into the thousands instead of the “low hundreds.” When your traffic is in the thousands you begin to realize that this blogging thing might just have a chance of working out after al.

The exact numbers will depend on how much work you put into promoting your site, and how good you are at focusing on long-tail keywords. But in general, traffic jumps a little bit every time you add new content, so consistently adding new articles matters.

It also takes about six months to actually hit your stride. It takes about six months before you’ll really feel comfortable enough to reach out to the greater blog community and to interact with other voices in your niche.

It takes about six months to create posts that aren’t quite so stiff. It takes that much time to create posts that have a little bit of personality and pizzazz, because it takes about that long to get confident.

It takes about six months to build out your site enough for people to take it seriously, to know that this is not just another failed blog project that will be gone tomorrow.

After six months you may well be able to think about things like monetization. You’ll have accomplished something, and you can ask yourself whether you’ve had enough fun along the way to work your plan for another six months.

Do I like and know this topic well enough?

Remember, you’re going to be spending a lot of time with this topic. Enough to write at least 48 posts every six months.
If you’re really serious, you’ll also plan on writing at least 24 guest posts every six months (if not more). You’ll need to spend an hour or two reading the leading blogs in your niche. You’ll also need to comment on and share their content. Oh, and did I mention all the time you’ll be spending talking about it on social media sites?

If you don’t love the topic or know the topic it’s over before you’ve begun. Remember, you’re not guaranteed a reward in six months either. It might take 2 or 3 years to make your blog make some kind of a living.

You’d better wake up every morning wanting to talk about this stuff.

When will I work on this?

You now have some idea of the workload. When will you devote time to this? What will you sacrifice?
You’ll sacrifice something. For some people that will be a day off. For others it will be thirty minutes of time on television shows or video games. But this project will require a sacrifice.

What will you give it, and is the prospect exciting?

Can you add something to the conversation?

Make sure there are other blogs that cover this topic – if nobody’s talking about something chances are good that it’s a bit too niche to work.

Now, what are those blogs saying? Can you add something to the conversation that’s unique and distinct? “Me too” isn’t going to cut it.

Who will you help?

Every blog has to have an audience. In order to have an audience you have to help people. Who will you help? How will you help them? What sort of value will you be providing?

Got good answers to all these questions?

If you can give good answers to each of these questions then congratulations! Your expectations are realistic. You’re ready to start your blog. There are no guarantees, of course, but you’ll be in a good position to make your blog a real success!

About the Author

Carmen Rane Hudson is the Content and Social Media Manager for TVS Internet Marketing and a freelance copywriter. She specializes in helping small businesses meet their writing and blogging needs.

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56 Responses to “How To Know You’re Ready To Start A Blog”

  1. I have this same problem. I’m quit from blogging many times. Maybe I should try again? :-)
    Alex recently posted..CateringMy Profile

  2. I think , there is no need to preparation to start a blog because blogging is a method of expressing our minds/thoughts towards the world. so simply start to write .
    Purbita Ditecha recently posted..Zyma Hosting Review – A Disgustingly Dishonest, Unethical & Unprofessional Web Hosting CompanyMy Profile

  3. Yes, I definitely agree that a little bit of “stick-to-it” can go a long way. I have consistently seen a change in my traffic that correlates to the time I spend!
    Mrs. Sarah Coller recently posted..Chocolate Coconut Brownies for the Homemaking PartyMy Profile

  4. I’m going to start my very first blog. Now I know that I’m moving in the right direction. Thanks for the tips!

  5. I’ve been blogging since 2011 and have a degree of success. But as a parenting blogger, I’m a small fish in a big pond. I think finding a subject/market that isn’t saturated with bloggers is important too.
    Donna recently posted..Hitting the road, for JackMy Profile

  6. I used to have the same problem, until i started blogging for businesses,
    I work as an online marketer and blogging can increase a business online visibility by 300% so i had no choice but to take care of business blogs, many at a time,
    then i found some freelance writers who charge very few for article writing,
    problem solved.. :)
    but yeah i get you, if you have your own personal blogs and wish to do everything with your own that’s allot of work and energy and it is very hard.
    Many thanks and Best wishes!
    Mitch recently posted..Free CV Builder, Free Resume Builder, cv templatesMy Profile

  7. Blogging for short term gains have never been the ideal goal. I think most writers need the tools to find there niche and then slowly build on all the knowledge needed to create a great blog.
    Wayne recently posted..Sleep Cycle: How to Sleep Better and Why?My Profile

  8. Apt points mentioned by you in this article, which can serve as a helpful guide to many a budding bloggers.
    Jennifer Hardy recently posted..Top Tips to Get Job Searching HelpMy Profile

  9. seems interesting to read this article. many times I also failed in blogging. again and again I am trying to get success in blogging, you above gave a cup of inspiration to be in continue thank you sharing, I appreciate you work
    Naveen Mayura recently posted..15 Essential Animal Qualities For Any Business ManMy Profile

  10. Its always tough to see traffic not growing in the start, we start with so much enthusiasm and not able to get traffic kills…though Its just a matter of time, but still takes time to sync in…
    Sanjeev recently posted..How To Create YouTube Recording Setup For VideosMy Profile

  11. Intially starting a blog seems to be a piece of cake but once you get on to it then it tells what it demands of you….

  12. obviously, initially its not easy to derive a huge traffic to our blog and some bloggers quit logging at this stage only. not having a good knowledge about the topic is also a big reason for not succeeding in blogging.
    rahul pahal recently posted..Step by step guide to create signup option for your subscribersMy Profile

  13. Blogging is combination of hard work, passion and patience.

  14. I agree. Blogging requires hard work, patience and focus. 6 months is a good duration to stay on that focus, which may already give positive results such as getting audience and making money online. But I say, that is only the start. We also need to continue the focus after the six months to stay in the competition since the blogosphere is a big big competitive world.
    Victorino Abrugar recently posted..101 Blogging Tips for 2014My Profile

  15. Yes the main problem for every one who enter into blogging arena to face traffic – a good quality content and Patience can overcome this , but that is what we lacks we need everything in less than a day which makes problems. Good article.
    Raza recently posted..Govt of Pakistan Increase 2% VAT on Certain Goods – IMF Demands that beforeMy Profile

  16. Hey Carmen, this would be very helpful for all the newbies and for the bloggers who hasn’t being successful in blogging due to ignoring some of these reasons. Great write up!
    Neulabs recently posted..Mudahnya Menulis Blog PeribadiMy Profile

  17. Very inspiring and educative thoughts!! In my life I’ve failed a lot by keeping up with blogging. I think blogging needs determination and energetic personality. And through reading such type of post hopefully lot of people finding that. But till now I’m not ready for blogging according to the ways mentioned above.
    Leila recently posted..Number of summer daysMy Profile

  18. I cannot work 6 months consequenally on a blog. Don’t have the attention.. Too bad though. I do have some niche blogs, but those don’t count i guess.
    Tim Williams recently posted..LG Nexus 5 info en prijzenMy Profile

  19. It is difficult to keep yourself motivated, when you don’t see instant results, but as you rightly pointed out the key is to keep going and putting an effort into the project. Of-course it helps if you are passionate about the particular field. Good read.
    David Knoll recently posted..Skinny Jeans – Forever in StyleMy Profile

  20. Had a couple of failed blogs myself so I can really relate to this. This is a really good checklist to use when thinking of starting a new blog. Thanks for sharing.

    Mike recently posted..Davidson County Emergency Medical Services 10-CodesMy Profile

  21. It is very bad when you see that you are not getting any traffic in the first few months, but that’s how blogging works.
    To start a blog, you must be well aware of the fact that you need to give at least 6 months of hard work before you start seeing the results.
    Thanks for sharing the article with us. :)
    Arbaz recently posted..Selling Old DVDs to Make Some Space in Your HouseMy Profile

  22. when first time i start a blog for earning money, and i am failed many time, and i learn first things is that first become a blogger than think about making money.

  23. Blogging is a passion and not everyone can do it, even bloggers need skills to succeed, but after you’ve discovered this talent, the rest should be a breeze
    tuvuti recently posted..Epson to sponsor the inaugural Kenya Photography Awards (KPA)My Profile

  24. Awesome post on blogging! I’ve launched a blog and didn’t even realize I was asking myself these questions. Great way to break in down for anyone thinking about blogging.

  25. sometime a blogger make blog to make money so topics will not same with his/her hobby, so in my opinioun is not good

  26. Very interesting, if someone likes to do they dont have to put 6 months or something they just enjoy and do it until they see the result or they gonna work up to result, and top problem people’s facing is traffic so all they need to do is promoting, leave comments around blogs.
    Ferb recently posted..Bruno Mars “It Will Rain” Covers by Ferb HuynhMy Profile

  27. Nice post. This is quite true. It took me about six months to actually know what I was doing when it came to blogging. Now to trying to get traffic to convert is the hardest part at least for me.

  28. This is all so true, you have hit the nail!Beginners should read this post before starting their blogs, it´s hard work, i know.

  29. Hi,
    For me, it is not just 6 months of effort. I planned my posting for the whole year and try to keeping my schedule every two days.Actually, it is a hard work coz sometime i get no new ideas and sometimes my posts are not supported as I expected. At that time, I thought I might close my blog but fortunately I didn’t. Always keeps our passion!

  30. I would add: For how long will I commit? Will I be blogging for a year? 5? 10? Also, every new blogger should ask oneself what standards of quality she/he will follow – will blog design be topnotch? Will post be writen in a hurry or after a contemplation? I support quality over quantitiy.

  31. great post about start blogging, when you able to right Quality content, SEO, you are ready for start blogging.
    keri hudson recently posted..How to get index your new blog post super quickMy Profile

  32. I do not know how to start a blog age. But i know now.

  33. Powerful.
    “Let your content be created for your readers and make everything about your business useful to them. Make them your priority.”
    The only problem with a piece this valuable is how high you’ve raised the bar for yourself.

  34. Time really matters. Patience really works well. More content and 6 months timing are wonderfull idea. Thanks for helpful info.
    Abhishek Abh-i recently posted..Add Top Commenters Widget to your BloggerMy Profile

  35. A good read. I too have experienced having a failed blog. It does take 6 months to actually get results, if you got results in a much lesser time then you are lucky. This is a great article and should be read by those who are having some plans to blog. Thanks for sharing it here.
    Andrew Stanley recently posted..Tenants can now act as a guarantor!My Profile

  36. Happy new year

    Nice post now a days and earlier too it is very difficult to build a serious blog where like minded people can share their thoughts, genuine advice and guidance is very rare now a days and net is full of junk and exploitation too, as said there are very few people in this world who are positive and constructive meaningful helpful and true.

    They speak up their mind to help others

    So keep it up dear and best of luck

  37. you are ryt … i think every bloggers starting faces the same problems but they are getting solved with time and experiance..
    Himanshu Katiyar recently posted..Hello Internet Reader & Get updated as TechRyd is here…My Profile

  38. Excellent Article. I completely agree with all the points you mentioned.I think “Patience Pays” So every blogger need to work hard on thier blog.Without hard and smart work no one will be sucessful.So do hard work for at least a year.
    Kedar Lasane recently posted..Micromax starts operations in Russia , Aims to be in Top 4 brands by 2014My Profile

  39. Nice Post. I agree with you upto some points.
    Ankur recently posted..Top 10 Facebook Apps To Make Your Account SmarterMy Profile

  40. Good thoughts for somebody who wants to start up writing a blog! As a wedding photographer though I do find blogs particularly useful to keep my audience informed of what my latest activities are. Even if it is my vacations (always featuring what is artistically relevant for the business, of course). I might be mistaken but I am not sure there is a way to make money avoiding the obvious advertisment everywhere isn’t it? or is it?

  41. Starting the blog is a initiative itself as with time we can learn a lot and experiences will make us something else if we wish to learn from both the good and the bad moments we face.
    Very well crafted article that will help those who are thinking to join or facing problems.
    James Frost recently posted..Sony Smartband & Xperia Tablet Z2My Profile

  42. This post includes many point which are helpful for every blogger. Patience is the greatest point regarding which every blogger should have. Some bloggers start their blog with the intention just to earn money and after some time if they don’t get positive results then they back off. I agree as you have mentioned the time period of six months. May be it will take one year or a lot but blogger should never back off. Thanks for sharing this post.
    Ravi Chahar recently posted..What Is VPS Hosting? How Is It Beneficial?My Profile

  43. How do you know that you are ready to blog? You must always have a few posts in the store, in the absence of time on the blog does not have downtime :)

  44. Another Well Informative Article Describing All Crucial Points. Every time I Visit Your Blog, I’ve Always Find Something Really Handy With Some Unique Kind Of Writing. Moreover, Blog Is Loading So Fast. I Really Like To Follow More Articles Of Your Website. Keep On Blogging.
    Tejwinder Singh recently posted..15 High School Hairstyles For Teenage Girls To Follow In 2014My Profile

  45. You are right, every blogger has confusion before starting his/her blog. Some bloggers try to jump to the highest peak of success but as we all know success can be achieved step by step. Patience is really important. Bloggers should have hard determination to work hard. There is no short path for success. Bloggers have to make their mind to work hard for approx. 1 year. Thanks for sharing.
    Ravi Chahar recently posted..How To Move A Website From One Host To Another ? Make Your Blog AliveMy Profile

  46. Hi Shamelle,
    first of all it’s being too much time for your new post.
    Blogging is hard enough and getting success is not such an easy task. So researching and experimenting is the key for getting success in blogging.
    Prakash recently posted..Download Whatsapp for Windows 7/8/8.1My Profile

  47. Actually this is a concept many bloggers tend to ignore especially the starters. and unfortunately its a big mistake because the consequences are far too reaching. i suggest that we spend like two or three weeks researching on our blogs before we even jump into registering a domain name
    abdirahim recently posted..10 funny daresMy Profile

  48. Nice tips, I agree that proper research is to be done before starting a blog and if anyone feels that he/she doesn’t know about the topic well then he/she shouldn’t start blogging.
    Thanks for sharing :)
    Kuldeep recently posted..How to Root Kindle fire HD 8.9My Profile

  49. A ‘failed blog’ – is that not just one we gave up too early? A real conundrum, though: how to know when to quit because it won’t pay even a lot of time later or because we haven’t given it enough attention and effort and time to simply mature. Certainly it should be something we’re passionate about. All the spoken-word gurus keep repeating we should do what we’re passionate about. But one can also become passionate about what we do, the other way around. (Reminds me of “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with” – some pop songs weren’t all that much behind today’s self-help guru speak.) You allude to a six month rule. That applies if Google and the others ‘play by the rules’. Sometimes it takes an extra two months only to get properly indexed in Google, let alone Bing or Yahoo, and for reasons that I haven’t been able to fathom. So I’d put it at a year to know if something failed, and six months before one can be sure it thrives. That is to say: if it is going to take off, sometimes you can see that already after these six months – then keep at it, surely. But if it doesn’t, take at least another six months to determine if it is a failure. Add to that that PageRank updates are slow, so you may well see your true standing after a year only. And Alexa or SEMRush are rather unreliable in the beginning, and so are most backlink tools. They all need to collect data over many months, but these many months don’ start at your day zero, but many months after what you perceived as your starting date. The Internet is just cluttered and perseverance often pays.
    CrisisMaven recently posted..Why Indians are Too Stupid to Build Toilets – were it not for the Media!My Profile

  50. Hi
    Thanks for sharing such great post. I have completely agreed with all the points you had shared in this post. This would be acting as a great valuable resource to those who are facing these same issue like me.
    Alex Taylor recently posted..Global IT Spending DipsMy Profile

  51. Shamelle you are a nice writer and the info you share is really great no doubt. Your post is very helpful in finding out our inner skills to start a blog. Keep sharing good content like this in future as well. :)

  52. Thanks for great article. Blogging is fun but road to success is not a rose garden. Such articles are very helpful for those who are ready to tread the difficult path.
    halil recently posted..LINE ile sevdiklerinize ücretsiz internet hediye edin!My Profile

  53. Hi there,
    I think you can blog any time but only if you know what blogging is really.
    Faizan Asad recently posted..Free Download Genesis 2.0.1 Framework | Blogging CrazedMy Profile

  54. AS a newbie your effective post help me to organize my ideas and to start work on my first blog

  55. Blogging is a total fun for people who like writing and posting . You need to have a passion to write and express your thoughts. Only then you can succeed in blogging. Using your blog as an extra income source is secondary but providing informative data to people should be our primary motto. Patience is also necessary in this stream.

    Having proper ethical values in your business will surely succeed within no time.

    Thank you for sharing.
    Sagar recently posted..How to Prepare and get ready for the Second Job InterviewMy Profile

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