How To Promote Your Blog With Word Of Mouth Marketing

I know several bloggers who spend several thousands of dollars on promoting their blog via advertisements, SEO just so they can get more traffic to the blog. I am sure everyone has their own reasoning surround the investment, however I don’t have so many dollars lying around to spend so freely!

This got me thinking about “natural” blog promotion. What if we could get others to promote our blog without any “marketing” pitch?
Andy Sernovitz’s book on Word of Mouth Marketing, made it clear that it’s possible.
Word of mouth blog marketing

Andy describes 5 key elements a word of mouth marketing campaign should have. You can use the same strategy to promote your blog too. Here’s how..

1. Talkers – Find an audience that will talk about your blog

Who will promote your blog to others?
Can you come up with a user profile of an “ideal reader” who might spread the word?

If your audience is interested in your blogging niche, there is a higher chance of them spreading the word about your blog. Additionally, they might also have an audience in a similar niche, so the ripple effect of “spread-ability” increases.

So surround your blogging community with people in a similar niche.
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2. Topics – Give your visitors something to tell others about

In one of my previous posts, Sherry from Keep up with the web left the following comment.
blog promote

Word of mouth marketing in it’s true sense. However, I never wrote the post with the intent of getting “referrals”. I just figured out how to do something and I thought others might find it useful. Little did I know that I was already using some of the elements mentioned in Andy’s book!

What does this all mean? You have to write blog post content that others will WANT TO TALK about! You need to content, that fuel conversation.

I have written several posts in the past on creating “spreadable” content. Check these out, if you missed them.
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3. Tools – Create channels for others to spread the work about your blog

How will word of mouth marketing be carried out?

Social media, has made phenomenal impact on word of mouth marketing. Do you have all the necessary channel set up so that it’s easier for someone who wants to talk about your blog to do so?

I have come across a few blog posts, which I really wanted to share with my twitter community, but I couldn’t find the Twitter button in the post! I want to share it but there wasn’t an easy way to do it. I would have preferred just one click and share! I ended up doing not sharing, because I couldn’t spend more than 30 seconds trying to figure out how to!

Here are some related posts,
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4. Take part in the conversation

Don’t just write a blog post and expect it to naturally be referred to. Engage with your audience. Give them a clear call to action, at the end of the blog post.

What do you want your reader to do after they read your post?
Do you want them to comment? Share your post in social media?

It’s also important for you to participate in the conversation. If someone asks a question, reply. Communicate and build relationships.

5. Track word of mouth marketing

Being aware of what others are talking about you is probably the most tedious out of all.
With the ever increase social media channels, unless there is a spike in your blog traffic you might not even realize that people are talking about you!

Find a few areas that you can keep track of. For example, I read every comment in this blog, keep track what happening on twitter, facebook and YouTube.

The main reason I do this is because, I need to know what they think. If my audience thinks that I wrote a crappy blog post, I need to know! Otherwise, I might not be aware of that and might continue with the same style of posts. So it’s important to get feedback and keep improving.

Reading through all these word of mouth marketing elements it all seems so easy! If it was, why don’t we see everyone promoting others people’s content? Well, I believe many blogger lack the TALKERS and the TOPICS. So its important to focus on them more.

All in all, Andy Sernovitz’s Word of Mouth Marketing was an insightful read and I learned a lot that I can apply to blogging.

Thank you for reading this far I hope this post was useful to you. Will you help me promote this post via word of mouth? Please share this post with your audience 😉

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10 Responses to “How To Promote Your Blog With Word Of Mouth Marketing”

  1. Great post Shamelle, I think number 2 is really important, every post you write should give your readers something to write about it should be compelling and interesting enough that people can’t wait to finish reading it and tell everyone they know about it!! Great read!
    Alex @ How To Start A Blog 101 recently posted..7 Tips For Creating Awesome ContentMy Profile

  2. Thanks Alex. I just headed over to your blog and you nail it with killer content. Good stuff!

  3. I completely agree that, seo and other marketing stuffs to promote your blog is not enough. You really need to be active and have to participate in various activities, many of which are mentioned in this post.
    Richa recently posted..Acer Introduces 7-Inch Iconia ‘Mini’ A110 TabletMy Profile

  4. Word of mouth and SEO are the two best free traffic strategies. The good thing is word of mouth does not require a lot of technical skill and can be implemented immediately. Do not ignore SEO though build out the right way from the start.
    linda recently posted..How Do You Tell Someone You Love Them – 27 Creative Ways updated Mon Dec 3 2012 1:09 pm ESTMy Profile

  5. creating a blog is easy but promoting can be very challenging but this post really can help to boost the blog on web.
    Paul Bola recently posted..Tips for Selecting Best Web DeveloperMy Profile

  6. apart from online marketing this seems to be the best strategy for promotion without any hassle from google algorithms

  7. in word mouth marketing they need not know about technical skill.seo marketing stuff is good for promoting their blogs.great post,thanks for posting a nice article.

  8. Nice posts best strategy for blog promotion thanks for sharing.
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  9. Hy

    Excellent post man!
    This is the best strategy for online marketing promotions. All the points you have mentioned are very important in promoting your blog. All the points are very important but i think the 2nd point is more important then other points. Your Article should give something to the reader to response on.



  10. Its very Excellent awareness for public who wants marketing theire bloge or business,

    Good and simple work path and no need to spend more money for publicity.

    Thanks for sharing
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