How To Show Your Author Profile Photo Next To Google Search Results (Step by Step Guide)

Have you seen a picture of the author appear next to the Google search results?

Displaying the photo of the author is a good way to build your credibility , personal brand and also increase the click through rate which will lead to more traffic to your site.

There are several ways of adding Google Authorship. I used the “3 way” linking approach to add a mug short of myself.

Watch the video below for exact steps, I followed.
(p.s: I am fairly new to making videos. So bare with me as I haven’t still gotten into the “video groove”. If you have feedback for improvement that’s appreciated too!)

Test how your profile photo will appear on Google search results

After you have followed the steps in the video, visit Google Webmaster Rick Snippet. Insert a url of one of your pages and you can test the Google Authorship feature. You can check to see your name and photo appearing next to the title and description.

How long does Google Authorship take to show up in Google search results?

I’ve heard that it takes about 1 to 3 weeks for Google authorship to show up. I am fairly new to Google+ circles and haven’t been actively involved in Google plus. So all I can say is I’ve done my part and tested it out using the Google webmaster tool to ensure I’ve done the correct steps.

So, Google darling, I am waiting… :-)
Update: Waiting is over. Google is awesome! Now my profile picture shows up on the Google Search Results page.

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14 Responses to “How To Show Your Author Profile Photo Next To Google Search Results (Step by Step Guide)”

  1. Hi Shamelle….nice article I was looking for this one…..thanks for sharing it…it’s really very helpful for me… I am waiting for the results………
    Prakash recently posted..Games for Snapdragon Android Devices for IndiaMy Profile

  2. Thanks for the awesome instructional post Shamelle. Very informative and helpful and great video showing how to tie in our authorship to our own site. Now will wait to see how it works out, having entered all the info into Google+ as well as my own site.
    Paul@howloseweightin2weeks recently posted..HOW LOSE WEIGHT IN 2 WEEKSMy Profile

  3. thanks Shamelle for this great post, i appreciate your efforts. author’s profile has been a great issue of concern among bloggers, many pay no attention at all, while some treat it with kid gloves. the fat remains that you must tell the world who you are.

  4. Ah, sweet!

    This gives me one MORE reason to finally get Google+ going. When I first tried to sign up, Google+ wasn’t available for Google Apps accounts!

    My little photo in search results. How cool will that be?

    And I agree completely – having your photo there should REALLY make your entries feel more trustworthy. Clicks should go up.

    Thanks, Shamelle!

    • Hey Tim, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.
      Hope your profile image will be part of Google search soon.

  5. Hello,

    I don’t understand which URL i will put in this form? In This form has a filed “Link to your Google Profile *” which URL i should put in this box? My site author URL or Main URL of my site.. Please, Inform me as soon as possible.

    • I am not sure why you are trying to add the URL to be spreadsheet. Since you are already using Google’s spread sheet your profile will already be linked to it.
      This post is for linking your blog and your Google Profile.
      So in your Google Profile page, you need to add the link to your website URL, and in the website you need to refer to your Google Profile ID.
      Hope that makes sense. If not, please feel free to contact me using the contact page in the navigation bar. I’d be happy to help out.

  6. I was looking for information on how to display picture in google pages, and happened to ask another blogger, who referred me to your video. That’s how I ended up in your blog. Thank you for sharing that useful information…

    Dr.Spencer Jones

  7. Hi Shamelle,

    Thank you for sharing those tips!! I’m checking other posts now! Seems like your blog has lots of info!


  8. Hey, you are beautiful

  9. Hi sir, I have a Blogger blog here:
    My profile picture was shown with my posts before, but now it is not being shown. It is displayed for

    While not for:

    I have not changed any settings. What may be the issue? Please help.

  10. Recently I have done with Google Author Profile, how long its will take to show up? I have very large blog with 3000 contents so all the blog pages has to be reindex by google with my profile photo?
    Ron recently posted..Como controlar los nervios – guía prácticaMy Profile


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