How To Turn Blog Readers Into Raving Fans Who Happily Spread The Word About Your Blog Content

You put in a lot of hard work and write a blog post. (I’m referring to ass numbing work here, not scraped content!)

You hit “Publish post” then carry out the social dance ritual on Twitter, Facebook and other social media avenues.

There should be an army of blog traffic, around the corner“, So you think.

An hour goes by…
You check your statics – 5 visits, 2 tweets, 1 like

A day goes by..
You check your statics – 20 visits, 9 tweets, 4 likes

Disappointing…. because we all want the published content to spread like wildfire.

Your blog traffic depends on how much your community shares it.
So it definitely matters…. whether or not your blog post content gets shared.

This week, I took to the street to find out why ….
What makes people share blog posts? what makes some blog post more sharable than others? and importantly, what can you do to increase YOUR blog post sharability.
read on…

Why do people share online (Psychology of sharing online content)

I didn’t have to carry out an online survey with about 2500 people. New York Times already beat me to it! The study uncovered some interesting data that made me go “ah ha….”

People share online
1. To bring valuable and entertaining content to others
94% of people consider how the information they share, will be useful to the recipient

2. To define themselves to others
68% of people share to give and show others, a sense of who they are and what they care about

I think this is more true in Facebook than any other social media medium. Your friends get and idea about your interest. Additionally, it can form an opinion about you(good/bad) in the mindset of your friends.

3. To nourish and grow relationships
Sharing enables us to stay in connect with people we might not otherwise stay in touch with!

78% of people share because it enables them to stay connected to people they may not otherwise stay in touch with.

4. For self-fulfillment.
69% of people share because it allows them to feel more involved in the world

5. To get the word out about causes they care about.
84% of people share because it is a way to support causes or issues they care about

Increase your blog post sharability

None of the things I am about to list here can be considered “rocket-science”. That said, it can often be challenging and frustrating to figure it all out.

1. Produce content that resonates with social sharing motives

Creating content that’s share-worthy has a direct correlation with increasing your social sharing numbers.

If people feel that they want to share, without any encouragement for you… that’s the best sharable content you can every write!
Now, that you know the psychology of why people share online, use that to your advantage.

Give your readers something to react to, take a stand or share findings. Give them a REASON to share. Tweet this

2. Must click headlines and meta descriptions!

In the social media world, headlines and meta descriptions play a powerful role in deciding whether people share or visit the blog post. It should convince people to click!
Don’t give it all away in the headline. Make sure you craft it in such a way that invites someone to click through and read your blog post.

You can improve the click through rate of your social shares by writing a great meta description. Often, it’s the first few sentences or first 100 odd words that are auto generated as this meta description. Make it count.

3. Make the blog post easy to read

You can’t find anyone who’s not busy these days! Even when online, readers are muti-tasking!

If your blog post is not skim friendly, readers will move on. All the effort you put into compiling a good post, even if was shareable will be of no value!

So it’s important that you structure your blog post in away to suit such audience.
I wrote about this a few weeks ago. See Increase Blog Post Readability – Get Your Blog Post Read

4. Make it easy for people to share!

This really is a no brainer but I’ve visited many site which made it near impossible for me to share! If I have to spend more than a couple of seconds looking for ways to share a blog post, I won’t bother. Nor will your readers! Also, there are some social media buttons that don’t work! No wonder, no one shares that posts!
Do you have all the fancy shareable buttons in place?

Studies have uncovered that having the sharable buttons right below the title or next to the title, increases sharing. It’s a simple design tweak you can get done right now, if it’s not in place for your blog.

5. Build your social media communities across all platforms

The level of extent your content gets shared, depends on your social media community and your community’s community :-) .

For example,
If you blog about blogging and have a twitter following dedicated to fashion, do you think they will bother to share it ?
Currently, I have about 800 + people who have liked the Better Blogging Ways Facebook fan page. Hopefully, the content I share now, will be shared much more than a few months ago when I had about 100 likes.

So it’s important to gradually build your raving fans related to each social media platform.

6. Leverage your personal social circles

We all depend on someone else to share our work. Others depends on us too!
Don’t be self serving and keep promoting only your content.
Even if others already have a large community, share it. Who knows, they might end up returning the favor.

    So you read a lot today. But can you DO TO INCREASE your blog post shareability?…

  1. Select 3 articles that you share today (I hope you already shared this post, if not please consider sharing ;-))
  2. Look back at why you shared it. Which of the New York Times survey reasons apply? Any other reason ?

  3. Now, over to the blog post you are about to publish
    ask yourself – what benefit will the reader get from this blog post, if they were to share it?

Often the difference between a flop and viral sharable spread are in the very small details. Hope you will put these into action and see an increase in your blog post sharability.

What has worked for you the best, when it comes to getting more social media exposure?

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19 Responses to “How To Turn Blog Readers Into Raving Fans Who Happily Spread The Word About Your Blog Content”

  1. What a killer post Shamelle. You are so right, people spend their time writing their content and heading out to promote but see very few contributors coming back to check it out. I remember those days.

    I would agree with why most people share posts. I would have to say that’s why I do as well, to bring valuable and entertaining content to my followers. I hope that what I share helps my friends and followers as well.

    I won’t deny wanting to get noticed myself, I think we all do but it’s for that reason. So that others can benefit from what we’ve shared.

    So here I go, off to share your valuable content with my friends and followers too.

    Thanks for taking the time to put this one together. I know it took a lot of hard work on your part. It hasn’t gone unnoticed.

    Adrienne recently posted..How To Get Traffic To Your BlogMy Profile

  2. I’d have to say this is a pretty good post. I hate admitting to the skimming part, since I speed read, and yet I find that trying to write for “skimmers” just isn’t my style. As a storyteller I think my style is giving it what needs to be there and then moving on to the next post. So, I’m not a skimmer’s dream.
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted..Guest Posting ScamsMy Profile

  3. I totally agree with you shamelle, mostly people share interesting and funny content so this means that we have to add some humor in our articles too.
    Waqas Ahmed recently posted..Data Entry Jobs in PakistanMy Profile

  4. The two main figures in this math:
    Good content + Easy To Share options = viral content :)

    People will definitely share you content if they find it interesting and useful.
    Robert recently posted..ProAffiliate – Probably The Best Affiliate Review And Landing Page WordPress Theme EverMy Profile

  5. Thank you for sharing this article with us, it will be very helpful to me as i battle with traffic to my blog, great post.
    Andrew recently posted..10 Questions You Should AskMy Profile

  6. Excellent post, Shamelle. You’re so right about creating social sharing content and leveraging your personal circles.

    Thanks for sharing these excellent steps. Just shared the post on Twitter and facebook.
    Devesh recently posted..Have You Achieved Your Short Term Goals?My Profile

  7. REally great post on generating more sharing. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

    Generating shares is one of those few rules to engagement that most people talk about but fail to deliver on. You hit the exact formula right on the money here.
    James Pruitt recently posted..Build Your Blog TodayMy Profile

  8. Hello Shamelle,

    Getting more social media shares is all about what types of people you’ve in your circles, followings, friends and fans. If you’ve people who are actually interested in your content then they will definitely going to share it. If you’ve general people which we normally get if our promotion campaign is not very targeted then forget about it they are not going to use their mouse and they are not even concern about it.

    So the first rule that we should follow is always try to get real and interested people in our network.

    Another way to increase social media share is try to provide helping content, problem solving content, inspirational content not just informative content full with bunch of information and instruction with no personal touch. If you are writing this type of content then no one will going to share it or read because for information we have millions of book. We read blog to read content with human voice, touch, felling and story.

    If you are providing problem solving content then you are going to get lots of readers and shares because people will always have problems and search for solutions.

    So help people whom you can help and take help of people who can help you. :)

    Share content of other people’s and they will share your content. (As Shamelle said)

    Awesome Post….. Enjoyed it… :)

    Romy Singh
    Romy Singh recently posted..Your Heroes Are Just Normal People like YouMy Profile

  9. Hey Shamelle,
    This is impressive! I’m just going to share this to all my networks!

  10. Hi Shamelle,

    Woopsy 😉 This is awesome writing with facts and research findings. Thanks for sharing insights of New York Times. That’s worth reading.

    When it comes to blogging and sharing I wanna share with friends and followers, to show off what I’m interested (And yeah indirectly it grows relationships) and yeah, I wanna feel connected too 😉

    I like this one ’cause it’s not only about increasing sharing but also depicting why do they share too. So people have something to think about before do it all.

    Thanks for your insights and findings dear :) They are never been easy though we read as numbers here. Appreciate that :)

    Mayura recently posted..How to Add Follow Buttons to Your Website with AddThisMy Profile

  11. Nice post Shamelle, can relate to that waiting for the visitors story. Just shared the post with my 2000+ twitter followers… :)
    Dr.Spencer Jones recently posted..4 Keys On How To Build A Mailing List Quickly Using Forum MarketingMy Profile

  12. Hello Shamelle, Shared some useful tips. This will surely increase our blog readers. Thanks for the Awesome Tips :)
    Sai Kumar recently posted..Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud ComputingMy Profile

  13. social media is the main part for growing business, so this is a nice post Shamelle how to grow our traffic and sahres on facebook and twitter or other social networking sites………..
    Prakash recently posted..How to add floating/sliding facebook like box to your wordpress siteMy Profile

  14. Hey Shamelle,

    It seems we need to invoke some reaction in the minds our our readers for them to share our content.

    Interesting post..
    Simmeon recently posted..Spy On Your Competition Using Bit.lyMy Profile

  15. Nice Post. Social networking is important to get traffic. Share your unique post that will give benefits to your blog.
    Pulkit recently posted..Grade 10 – Science and Math ComboMy Profile

  16. Gr8 one Shamelle! Talking as a normal user – I would probably click the like button if the post has a bit of humor in it. I don’t know why, but I’ve observed myself ‘liking’ random stuff that’s funny! And yeah, I can see a like button which I’m just gonna press! :)
    Raaj Trambadia recently posted..What Affiliate Products To Promote And Definitely Earn?My Profile

  17. definitely gonna make changes in my blog as guided in this articles! :)
    Arslanh recently posted..Turn 2 Hangup Lets You Reject Calls By Just Flipping Your iPhoneMy Profile


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