The 4 Step Blog Branding Process That Creates An Irresistible Blog Brand

Let’s start with a quick round of questions.
When I say, online video, what brand comes to mind?
When I say, gadgets, what brand comes to mind?

If I say,[insert your blogging niche], what comes to mind?
well, get my point? :-)

There are millions of blogs, blogging about the same topic you are passionate about. One key factor that distinguishes your blog from the rest of the blogs in blogoshpere, is your blog brand.
It’s an important aspect of blog marketing that many bloggers tend to ignore. Are you one of them?

What’s a blog brand?
In simple terms it’s the blog identity; the image of your blog.

Your blogging brand, is a collection of perceptions in the mind of your blog readers.
It’s how they see, feel say about your blog and you as the blog author.

Why branding is important for your blog

  • Branding your blog will distinguish from other blogs in your niche.
  • A strong brand will attract more traffic and bring in loyal readers.
  • Branding will make your blog memorable
  • It can lead to more reader engagement and collaboration
  • Overall, it will create a strong presence in blogosphere.

Surely that’s sufficient reasoning to build a strong brand for your blog.

Given below are some steps to get started.

STEP 1: Discover

What’s your blog identity? What’s the purpose of your blog?
Why should a reader visit your blog? Importantly, why is it worth their time?

Hopefully, you don’t have to sit under a apple tree and wait till an apple falls on your head to know the answer!
You have to know your positioning statement. This is the main foundation on which your brand is built.

STEP 2: Create

It’s in the name – select a brand identity that you won’t regret later!

Create a unified brand identity
For the blog with your blog domain name, design, header image, logo, favicon, the about page,
For your twitter profile, Facebook page, YouTube channel etc.

For example, in my Facebook timeline page, I have the logo, the url of the blog and a photo of myself linking to the the brand.

At the same time, I have tried to keep the brand consistent. What do I mean by that? You’ll notice that the colors of this blog design and the colors of the Facebook timeline page are similar.

Even for the YouTube videos, I try to use the same theme.

To create a strong blog brand, stay true to the brand you’ve created.

Here are some good reads on Branding, I can recommend.

It’s the personality you portray

If you think that just having a logo and a domain name is sufficient for branding, think again!
Practically, everything you do online (with the use of your blog name/url), reflects how you brand your blog.

Your writing style, how you relate to the audience gradually become part of the blog brand. So be you! A brandable you 😉
Do you want to come off as honest and helpful blogger? or an arrogant, flamboyant blogger?

STEP 3: Communicate

How would others get to your blog brand? You have to become your own PR person! (unless you can afford to hire someone)

What your story? You need to connect with your readers with a compelling story. No, it doesn’t mean that you have to make up one. Just look towards your own experience and I’m sure there is a compelling story lurking around.

One of the best books I’ve read on “business” storytelling is Nancy Duarte’s book, Resonate: Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences.

Here are a few ideas to communicate your brand

  • Use the blog name, url in your guest posts,
  • Use the blog logo as a water mark in images
  • Add the logo to your ebook,
  • create an email with your blog domain,
  • Use the blog url in your email along with your social profiles
  • Brand your videos

STEP 4: Maintain

To build a strong blog brand you need to be consistent in promoting your brand. Remember that every post you write and the way you write, reflects on how people perceive your brand.

So spend time writing quality posts and make sure that each post you write aligns with the branding of the overall blog brand. For example, don’t write about what your dog ate for dinner etc if it’s not your main niche (the occasional, what my dog had for dinner might work out. However, it won’t be sustainable int he long run ;-))

Creating a brand for your blog is not a one time thing; it’s definitely won’t happen overnight either. You need to have patience and take actionable steps to build brand. Make it an on going practice…

  1. Is your blog name your domain name? If not, get it RIGHT NOW. Preferably, the .com extension if it’s available
  2. It doesn’t mean you have to transfer your blog to that domain. Simply, redirect the exact domain to your current domain.

  3. Evaluate you blog theme. Is it consistent with your branding?
  4. Revisit your previous blog post. Does it fall in-line with the brand you are trying to promote?
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15 Responses to “The 4 Step Blog Branding Process That Creates An Irresistible Blog Brand”

  1. Very good set for tips to get that unique brand. I had a look at your facebook page and I must say its very impressive. The design is very good. I think getting a brand name takes time. There are many bloggers doing the same thing and to stand out of the crowd, something different has to be done from the rest.
    Shalu Sharma recently posted..Monsoon in IndiaMy Profile

  2. Thanks Shalu. Yes, it’s not easy and it does take time to establish the brand. The first step is to get started. Let me know if there’s anything I can help you with.
    Shamelle recently posted..How To Create a Blogging Workflow That Works With EvernoteMy Profile

  3. Hello Shamelle, Your post just made me think about the brand I am building – Online Income Startup. Ever since I bought the domain, back in 2006, I was envisioning and planning the future of my brand. But it wasn’t until 2011 that I finally started the blog and designed the major elements including the theme and logo.

    All these years I was focussing on dozens of other niches, which cost me many precious years. At last, this year I decided to leave many of my sites and niches, I deliberately left many of my previous domains from the 2006 days to expire (eventhough I had big plans for some of them), so that I can focus on my one brand – OIS (Online Income Startup) and am happy that I did, because I am finally starting to focus on my brand.

    I have my twitter, facebook and youtube profiles reflecting my brand. Also have my brand domain and logo. All pointing towards one goal – branding my business.

    Dr.Spencer Jones
    Dr.Spencer Jones recently posted..How You Can Make Money Online Selling Other Peoples Products As An AffiliateMy Profile

  4. Morning Sham,

    A Brand is what sells.


    The more users will become familiar with it.


    Not many dedicate time to this task and it could be the one thing that is holding them back from becoming an authority.
    Simmeon recently posted..The CommentLuv Link That Refuses To Be ClickedMy Profile

  5. These are some great tips Shamelle. I suggest that people looking to start a blog should really think hard about what they want their domain name to be. Choose something short and memorable so that it’s easy to tell people your url and they will actually remember it.
    Mike Howg recently posted..Make Money Selling Your Items on eBayMy Profile

  6. I totally agree with you that making your blog a brand, it is step that no one should forget to take. Making it one of it’s kind is really a challenge, but not impossible. I am already on the way to make my blog a brand. Keep up the good work.
    Harneet Singh Bhalla recently posted..How to Know the Actual Traffic of a Blog/Website By Google Ad PlannerMy Profile

  7. Hi Shamelle, you mention great points. At this time, when we can find almost everything on other websites or blogs, own brand is only one thing which distinguish us from the crowd. But building brand needs time and money 😉
    Thanks for sharing,
    Chris recently posted..How to Use #Triberr – Best #Social Network for #Bloggers?My Profile

  8. very well said, primary focus for any business should be to create brand. As far as blog is concerned, it is good to have organic visitors, but if you don’t have a brand then you may loose them as soon as you get them.

    So, Branding is the most important thing for a blog.
    akhilendra recently posted..How Web Analytics Can Change Your Blogging Career?My Profile

  9. ya you are right blog brand is very good concept and it’s mostly depend on the readers and creative writing so visitors attract your writing and site.
    komal recently posted..Make money through facebook with easy StepsMy Profile

  10. Well, building a brand is not easy it takes time and really hard work!
    Pressa recently posted..Horrifying Letter From DaughterMy Profile

  11. Wow! There is so much I don’t know about blogging. I started blogging less than a month ago and I learn something new every single day, but i had no idea about brand or even logo. These are things I will work on right away.
    Thank you
    roatan tours

  12. Well said, Shamelle. Branding a blog takes a lot of hard work and promoting as well to become synonymous with your niche. Thank you for sharing this article.
    branding presentation recently posted..Fast Company: The Truth About Being “Done” Versus Being “Perfect”My Profile


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