Twitter Productivity Tips for the Overly Busy Blogger

Do you often feel like you are not doing enough on Twitter?

You have other more important things to work on and you are not in a position to outsource your twitter activities.

You want to, but you just can’t find the time ?
So what do you do?

This was a dilemma I faced about 10 months ago.
(In one of my previous posts I was deliberating whether bloggers need to create a social media presence in every platform

I wanted to make “connections” on twitter and grow my twitter audience. Given the fact that I do have a enjoyable full time job and I only spend about 45 minutes at night on blogging/social media activities, I was trying to figure out a optimum way to achieve this.

Twitter Productivity Tips for Busy

After a few “experiments” I think I’ve found a way to increase my twitter productivity and I’m sharing this hoping it will be useful for you too.

1. Have clear goals on what you want to do with Twitter

Just having a twitter account for the sake of completing social media trilogy isn’t sufficient.
What do you hope to achieve with Twitter?
Is it to build a brand presence on twitter? Generate more sales? Increase lead generation etc

I had 3 things in mind;
1. Engaging with others
Blogging success is built upon the audience. So I wanted to use twitter to extend that platform, reach out to like minded bloggers in my niche and make friends.

2. Share valuable insights
I read a lot! I wanted to share useful web articles, videos etc that others might learn from.

3. Promoting my blog post
Use twitter as another medium to drive traffic to my blog posts.

2. Find the right balance between automation and being “personable”

Being active on Twitter doesn’t always mean you have to manually tweet everything.


I would love if the overlapping area was just one circle!
Overall, you need to find the comfortable balance between being personable and automation. You also need to see how it’s perceived by your twitter audience.

3. Create your twitter automation strategy

I know that some people might frown upon twitter automation. When I say automation, I don’t mean spamming with automated tweets. Even for twitter automation, you need to have a strategy and proper planning.

From the goals you mentioned in in step 1, what can you automate?
Then divide that into further tasks that you can fully automate, semi-automate.

So for me, I know that I don’t want to automate engaging with others. That’s something I want to spend time on, and need to to find the time to!
The other 2, sharing useful content and promoting my blog post can be automated.

Example of a fully automated tweets would be, that every time a new blog post is published, it’s auto tweeted. So my blog posts are promoted on my twitter account and I don’t have spend time on it, except setting it up.

Example of a semi automated tweets would be, When I read a useful blog post or article, I use the firefox plugin for buffer and it will schedule the posting of these tweets.

For more details on specific tools, read 10 Twitter Tools to Increase Your Productivity via

4. Squeezing time for “personable” tweets

A few ways I try to be “personable” on twitter is by

  • Responding to any questions/comments
  • Giving my feedback on blog posts other has tweeted
  • Having “natural” conversation with other twitter users
  • Thanking people who have retweets or tweeted my posts (I wish I do this more often)


All of these require some time. The good thing is that you don’t need to sit in front of a computer to do this!
Using a smart phone app or directly accessing twitter site on your mobile you can tweet on the go!

When you are waiting in a queue, traveling somewhere, between meetings! etc
All you need is just 1 or 2 minutes, can if you can scramble about 5-10 of those, you can find the time to be personable on twitter!

I hope this blog post gave you some ideas on how you can be more productive with twitter and still get more out twitter.

Are there any twitter productivity tips you can add? I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below.

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30 Responses to “Twitter Productivity Tips for the Overly Busy Blogger”

  1. Excellent Tips! Twitter automation is extremely important and takes off a sizable load if you do become so busy you forget to tweet. Thanks!
    Carissa Dunphy recently posted..The Vine: Twitter’s New Micro-Video AppMy Profile

  2. Great Tips Shamelle. I have been using Twitter from last 6 months and i must say it’s just awesome for Bloggers… I am getting huge huge and huge visitor ;).
    Even you can say after SE , Twitter placed on 2nd pos.
    Amit Shaw recently posted..How to Roll out your Individual Blog Post Shaped with SEOMy Profile

  3. I can’t spend a lot of time on twitter a bit of automation won’t hurt

  4. Great article Shamelle! I think the biggest take away is the balance between personal and automated posts. Some people just post a tweet for the sake of tweeting also. This is something that I touched upon in my last article about email marketing. Only say something if you have something to say!
    Steve Noriega recently posted..10 Email Marketing Tips for Your Small BusinessMy Profile

  5. Shamelle,
    These are some excellent tips for usinjg Twitter. I personally do not use automated posts simply because it’s too much work with not much return on the investment of time (I thought).
    However, I do carry on with manual tweeting, responding to questions or retweeting some of my friend’s posts etc.
    I think you made a very valid point by starting out with “Set Your Goals” line. That makes the world of a difference in the whole strategy. Thank you.
    Kumar Gauraw recently posted..Schools Kill Creativity – TED Talk By Sir Ken RobinsonMy Profile

  6. So true Shamelle. When I first started my blog I was all about twitter but recently I have become more engaged with FB.

    I think I didn’t understand enough about twitter to fully utilize it. Thanks for making more sense of Twitter for me.
    Justin recently posted..Pralaya – A Period of Transition Part1 – by Elizabeth Ayres EscherMy Profile

  7. I think I should be more active in Twitter now :) I used to rely too much on auto-generated content, but it can’t add more followers nor create strong connections with people.
    Robert recently posted..10 Free and Premium WordPress Themes Inspired By Windows 8 Metro UIMy Profile

  8. Nice and much needed tips. These can really help to boost the productivity specially for bloggers who are managing multiple blogs. Thanx
    Maninder @ Aakash Tablet PC recently posted..5 Apps You Should Have on Windows 8My Profile

  9. For bloggers to be more productive, they need guide to follow in order to stay focused. Procrastination and distraction are major challenges facing bloggers in exceeding and I think you have noted few things they need to in order to be more productive.
    Paul D. Mitchell recently posted..20 Tips to blog successfully for new bloggersMy Profile

  10. Nice article. you have neatly explained how to use twitter in the best productive way. With these tips and tricks, we bloggers can increase our productivity and take our blog to next level of Blogging.

    Thanks for Sharing.
    Sanjib Kumar Saha recently posted..How to Change your MAC Address with EaseMy Profile

  11. Hey Shamelle great tips! I’m using Twitter for connecting with other bloggers but I won’t be able to invest more and more time so I appreciate your advice a lot. Thanks for sharing this article!
    Robert Weller recently posted..20 Common Terms in Landing Page OptimizationMy Profile

  12. Hi
    I think we have to make sure we don’t automate too much so that everything looks right otherwise people will soon cotton on and then things will go wrong pretty quick

  13. Awesome post. Thanks!
    Though heavily involved in social media marketing, finding time to engage on Twitter has been challenging but defining a Twitter strategy and goals and finding the balance between automation and ‘personable’ tweets have been a savoiur… i’m getting results already
    Deola Kayode recently posted..Real #OgaAtTheTop: How Nigerian Commedians are rocking Social MediaMy Profile

  14. Thank you for good tips.
    We are trying constantly to make the Twitter our traffic friend, but…right now with no significant results.
    Probably we do something wrong.
    Any ideas, what do we do wrong?
    Gadi and Tun Travelers in Awe recently posted..Photo of the Week: TaiBaiShan – the winter is still aroundMy Profile

  15. Hello

    These are some Excellent tips for using twitter.
    I used to realy too much on auto-generated content. but it can’t add more followers nor creat strong connection with people.

  16. Hey Shamelle !
    Literally after reading this post I realized that I should be on twitter actively. You have told us the time saving way to promote our posts. Indeed, this is a fantastic post. I really liked the techniques to be personable.

  17. Yes I have to admit that I do a bit of automated posting via Hootsuite.

    As long as you send out a few by yourself I dont think its going to hurt scheduling a few.

  18. Hello Dear

    really i am totally agree with your post and twitter is most important and useful way of traffic really and your tips are great and amazing so thanks for sharing me

  19. Great tips Shamelle!
    After reading your post, I have decided to try Twitter. I am only into Facebook and never thought about Twitter. But after today, I think Twitter will probably be my next BFF:)

  20. I can well relate to this situation. And I must say that because I’m also an overly busy blogger, Tweetdeck is my bestfriend.
    Rachel Stephens recently posted..Staff Leasing Company: How It Can Help Your BusinessMy Profile

  21. Hi Shamelle,
    your tips are definitely helpful but I would say there is no free lunch in the world. If you want some output from twitter, you have to steal time for it. I liked that you added the importance of balancing automated and manual tweets.
    Rahul Pahal recently posted..Keyword Research – do it regularly and your blog will be on top!!!My Profile

  22. This is a very helpful article, When I use twitter I have 2 ideas in mind connect with others and get followers.
    john recently posted..100 Day Loans CanadaMy Profile

  23. Hi Shamelle,

    I have always been hesitant of using automated techniques, but i suppose balancing it out with manual activity would make it worth while. I am gonna try it this time!

    Piyush Mathur recently posted..South Indian Crazy Paving Quartzite is popularly used for pathway constructionMy Profile

  24. Hello Shamelle,

    When I used Twitter I had only 1 goal in mind: To get followers and targetted traffic. Now, I know what to do. Bookmarked !
    Prerit Pathak recently posted..Apple’s CarPlay: A smarter, safer in-car entertainment and communication option?My Profile

  25. Fantastic post Shamelle! It is a good tip to keep the balance between automated tweets and personal ones. I also find it crucial to post useful content to really help your followers.

    How long do you spend on Twitter every day? How long do you spend writing real-time, personal tweets?

    Thanks! Awesome post!
    Katrin Brandstetter recently posted..The 7 Biggest Press Release Mistakes, by an Ex-JournalistMy Profile

  26. I feel that for the busy individual, automated Twitter bots are a very great tool to utilize. Auto-follow- auto response, schedules tweets. I highly recommend one.

  27. I believe automated techniques such as bots can really help you manage your Twitter efficiently, just as long as you plan out your campaigns well enough as well. Poorly handled automatic techniques can not only make you seem “fake” but will also most likely ban you.

  28. Awesome tips Shamelle! love that you put so much about twitter productivity in there. I always stay with manual tweeting & facbooking. Both Twitter and Facebook are bringing a good outcome for me and I think your tips will help me to boost my outcomes. Anyway … thanks for great tricks
    somon recently posted..Hungry shark evolution for pc windows 8 7 XP MAC computerMy Profile

  29. Nice and very informative post

    Internet marketing has been spread over the social media in vibrant way. Twitter being one of the biggest social media site is very helpful for online marketers to advertise their business. I think automation strategy is a great thing with proper planning and strategy. But you should always keep the difference between automated and manual tweets. Personal tweets also help by solving queries raised by people and also forming a bond with other twitter users.

    It is a great post and the tips it provided are very helpful.

    Thank you for sharing
    Sagar recently posted..Facebook Fan Engagement Tips: 30 Best WaysMy Profile

  30. This is a great post shamelle.

    Social media is being great traffic source for bloggers. Twitter is one of those traffic referers. Getting exposure from twitter is much easy if you follow the steps. I am getting good exposure from Twitter.

    Thanks for this post.
    Nikhil Ganotra recently posted..Happy New Year 2015 Fireworks Wallpapers and ImagesMy Profile

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